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Hi all anglers!

Have been an angler since young and a member of this website for a long time.
But I did not post my Catch Reports ( CRs ).

Well, let this be my story and journey through my fishing life for FRESHWATER FISHING!

My main CR for today, day, date of today.

Freshwater Catfish.


Rod: Storm Keiryo Gomoku Green 4lb-10lb
Rod Type: BC, Jigging
Reel: Abu Garcia Revo S
Reel Type: BC
Line: Suffix 10lb
Leader: Hytac Pro Fishing, Tora Shock Leader 20lb
Rig: Lure
Lure: Storm 3" Proshad Rubber, Orange

Will post my past FW catches soon!

P.S All catches posted in this topic are Catch And Release CRs.
  • XBunsoyX
    Today's Catch Report 18/05/2014

    CR for today!

    It is my first time catching a Haruan in my Freshwater Fishing \(^_^)/
    The PB gave a good fight to satisfy my craving.
    Feeling blessed and in a happy mood.
    Weather today was not good though, raining heavily.

    All catches are released back.

  • XBunsoyX
    One of my past CRs!

    Such an old photo.

    P.S Censored face because my face here was quite unglam
  • XBunsoyX
    Catch Report 19/05/2014

    Yesterday's CR 15min session. Recce-ed a new spot. Had no expectations. On my first cast, just casted it randomly. Gave it a couple of twitches then paused and BAMMM! It is a double hook up, two fish on a single lure!!

    The lure I used is Apia Muscle Puncline 80.

    AGTV.1 [ PUNCH LINE80 ] ??????80 - YouTube

  • Ah teck
    Wow ! Good catch
  • XBunsoyX
    CR for today!

    Just a short luring session by myself.

    Awesome new spot i recce-ed!

    Its like 90% of the casts got fish on!

    Gave it couple of twitches and then bam!

    Realized they always take on the pause and must twitch to agitate them i guess.

    Caught a few more but phone battery was dying so no more pictures.
    I know no pic = no count :(

    Only used one lure which is the Apia Muscle Punchline 80 but sigh :cry: :cry: :cry:
    It got raped. One of the treble hook suddenly become double hook.
    And the body got scraped off so badly as seen from the pictures.

    Apologize for some of the blurry pictures. I never noticed.
  • XBunsoyX

    More pictures.

  • XBunsoyX
    @ah teck Thank you! ;)
  • XBunsoyX
    Catch Report 22/05/2014

    Again went fishing. Poisoned liao. Always go go go fishing siao on hahaha.

    Fished with my kakis clique today. Pics are their biggest catch of the day.

    My spot is still awesome but not as awesome as yesterday's 90% bite rate.

    Yesterday, there were full of Temensis playing around where almost casts you can get fish on!

    However, for the first time of the few times, peacock basses were raiding the area.

    And the Temensis were gone! Okay caught just one but should have had a whole school of them there. The peacock basses must have chased them, temensis might got scared and moved away.

    The PBs had really nice strong appealing colours on their bodies and the markings are nice and unique.

    See the first picture of a very small fish. Can you guess what it is?

  • XBunsoyX
    My past catches from a session which was a few weeks back..

    Tackle Used

    Tackle Used
    Rod: Storm Keiryo Gomoku Green 2lb-10lb
    Reel: Abu Garcia Revo S Super
    Line: Power Suffix 10lb
    Leader: Hytac Pro Fishing, Tora Shock Leader 20lb
    Rig: Lure
    Lure: Storm 3" Ripple Shad Orange

  • XBunsoyX
    Catch Report

  • XBunsoyX

    Because using Lip Grip is too mainstream.

    Holding it like a man.

    However, I advise to get a lip grip.

    How is a lip grip useful? There are many reasons.

    1) While reeling in your fish, you might want to use the lip grip when you are going to land it. This is to prevent the fish to shaking off the lure unexpectedly causing you a heartache.

    2) It makes you look more professional and cooler.

    The other reasons are just contributing factors but these 2 are the main factors for me using a lip grip.

    Lip Grip can be found at any shop.
    I won't name and won't tell which shop I bought mine from as I won't want to promote any shop without permission.

    Some of the places I can suggest you to get is:

    Joe Tackle
    331 Beach Rd, Singapore 199562

    Changi Pro Fishing Tackle ( Gina )
    Blk 1 Changi Village Road, #01-2038, 500001

    Got Sincere tackle and many others. You research them yourself.
    Not being selfish but I just believe if you really love fishing, you will go find out the address of the tackle shops.

    P.S If any of you want tips, you can ask me but I may not be the best in giving because I am not a professional. I am simply one who loves fishing a lot! :D
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Mainstream? More like the fish is nice and big!
  • XBunsoyX
    CR for today


    I almost caught my first ever and biggest TOMAN !
    Just bought Yozuri Surface Cruiser today and used it. I am new to this lure. not sure how to work it. I just cast, wait for 10 seconds then do strong fast twitches on a slack line. Out of the blue, saw a rise surface on the water. It was so huuuuge. Never seen in my life. Casted towards it. waited for 20 seconds. Just after my first twitch then BAMMMMM!!! Super big splash!!! sucessfully agitated the toman Big tight strong heavy pull fight. . Almost landed it but it got off from my hook T.T .

    Look at the DAMAGE caused by that toman's teeth mark on my lure. I just bought it :( sian I am guessing its weight to be double digit.
  • XBunsoyX
    @Luke thank you bro. haha. persevering. Waiting to land my mama toman. so hard find. haha
  • Luke Maow Bear
    The Surface Cruiser is superb!.

    All I can say is you are working it right, keep at it and slowly impart different styles bro. Keep going.

    There is not right or wrong, sometimes the fish suka suka, sometimes they want to sleep.
  • XBunsoyX
    @luke yeah. Seen so many good reviews about it so I bought it. Its action is very good for making loud noises to agitate fishes especially toman. It may look big but its weight is just nice, 28g.

    Ill explore other methods of using it when I have the opportunity haha.
  • XBunsoyX
    Hi all! I know this may be off topic, but may I have tips for keeping tomans as pets? I just bought a plentiful of them(juveniles/babies) and a tank. Breeding them.

    Tips like what food, how much food, how fast it grows, etc ,etc

    P.S I just fed food pellets but only a few seem to be eating. I'm scare they'll die >.<
    Can mix peacock bass and toman together?
  • ydolphin
    XBunsoyX" said:
    Hi all! I know this may be off topic, but may I have tips for keeping tomans as pets? I just bought a plentiful of them(juveniles/babies) and a tank. Breeding them.

    Tips like what food, how much food, how fast it grows, etc ,etc

    P.S I just fed food pellets but only a few seem to be eating. I'm scare they'll die >.<
    Can mix peacock bass and toman together?
    Bro, feed them with chopped prawn/fish meat. Live fish or baby frogs will also do the trick. Ideally is to feed them once a day but on very full meals, probably 2 days once will suffice. The more you feed, the faster they grow and their growth rate can be fast.

    They tend to be cannibalistic thus the dominant ones = bigger size will also attack and eat the smaller ones, especially if food is scarce.

    Mixing them with PBs are ok when they are juveniles and are of the same size. However when they grow bigger, there will be attempts by either party to make a meal of their neighbor. Also when tomans hit about 6", they tend to be more solitary and grow in aggresion towards all others within the same tank.

    Happy keeping!
  • XBunsoyX
    @yudolphin thank you bro. You fed them with what ah? I put food pellets they ignore never eat a single pellet. I put a small cone of worms they keep eating non-stop till finish. Is this normal/good?

    And how fast is their growth rate ah? Google doesn't seem to give me the definitive answer.

    P.S I received messages of how to work lures. Please do message me here on FishingKaki and I will gladly share my knowledge. But remember, I am not the best and not a professional. :lol:
  • ydolphin
    Bro, they will go for meaty foods as per my first msg ;)

    Can't remember the growth rate but with adequate food, think 1" per 1 to 2 weeks should be possible
  • XBunsoyX
    Weekend Ops

    Saturday 07/06/2014[/b]

    Missed possibly a mama PB on my suspending lure

  • Icylines
    Nice catches!
  • XBunsoyX
    @Saltfly Thank you very much! Hope you enjoy my posts!
  • XBunsoyX
    Catch Report 14th June 2014


    Went for luring ops with 2 new kakis.
    Looking at the day, the weather was very good.
    We went to fish at our first spot but no fish seems to be there.
    We moved to our 2nd spot, my kaki caught a myan chichild with his fly there.

    Then no more after that. We moved to another spot and we caught some peacocks and temensis. My kaki's fly was so good, i was using my glow in the dark luminous popper though. i love the explosive topwater takes on my popper. Adrenaline Rush was flowing through my blood. I am sure any of you who are using topwater lures sure love the topwater takes right? Very "orgasm" mic feeling.
    Not all were taken photos. Here are some.

    Moved to third spot. My kaki used his fly and he caught some 2lb PBs. I borrowed his flies and got mine too!

    Moved back to 2nd spot. I used back my luminous glow in the dark popper .. And yeahhhh! More topwater takes. Frenzy yo!
    I think I exploded in adrenaline rush at this time.

    Moved to 4th spot. Awesome day to come there. Greeted by these humble size temensis and peacocks.

    < cont ... >

  • XBunsoyX
    < Resume... >

    okay then we moved to our 5th spot. There were huge ass KOIs in the water, probably about 15-20lbs but doesn't seem to be interested in anything even on our flies. Btw, i snagged a fly at this spot zzzz -________-. Well my kaki was greeted by 3 peacock basses there, no photo was taken. Caught a cute Koi-Coloured red devil.

    Then, the weather got a little worse. Rested awhile, ate awesome lunch and we went to the next spot.

    Another productive CR!

    Well, that is all for today. Satisfied for today. can go home and feel my cravings fufilled. ^_^

    I might get questions asking for where are my spots and where i fished at.

    Let me tell you straight..

    1) I found and recce-d these places with hard work. So I am not going to giveaway my spots unless I got equal benefits in return,
    2) The place(s) have to be protected

    Always be hardworking. Hardwork yield great and unexpected results.
    Never give up. Learn tips and tricks from google or any kaki u know.

    Hope you all have a good time reading my post on my freshwater catch reports.
    Do regularly come back to my post as I'll be regularly updating it! Support me, Support FISHINGKAKI!!
  • XBunsoyX
    Honestly this is the first time I am using frog lures. Because never really believed in them. But I was wrong, they are good and have caught snakeheads today's short 1 hour session. Was a bad day, raining.

    This is what happened. I casted my frog into the water. With a slack line, i lightly jig the floating frog to make it look like a frog/fish skidding and jumping across the water at a very slow speed. I wasn't expecting anything, I turned my head to look at other baiters ( haizzzz baiters ) and then i turned back to look at my frog then right when I look at my lure, an explosive topwater take on the lure. Was a strong hard fight. The snakehead got stuck in a weed. Fortunately, the water at the weeds was quite shallow. Thus, I waded in and suffered bruises and cuts. I almost wanted to use my hands to grip the snakehead's mouth then I almost forgot it has very shard teeth LOL. Went back to take my lip grip and thus took it. Suffered but was worth it. However, not gonna fish in a weedy place like that again unless I wear a knee guard or something to protect my knees lol.

    Could have caught even more but I do not know that a soft frog lure could be punctured so easily by the snakehead. The hole by the teeth was horrendesly huge. Action became slightly distored and from a weedless lure becoming a weed lure. So i threw it away.

    Few tips I learnt from this trip.
    1) If you are going to be aiming snakeheads in weedy areas, please do plan a solution to reel in the fish. If you think its impossible, don't even try. You do not want to kill the fish and loose your lure.
    2) Bring extra frog lures if you are using the soft ones. I regretted bringing only one.

  • superminnn
    good posts bro. keep up with the enthusiasm :D
  • XBunsoyX
    Hi all! By the way, the last post, the fishes caught on the white popper, is actually a luminous lure. It GLOWS IN THE DARK. Yes, you did not read it wrong. It GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!

    I still have a few sets of them.
    Consists of
    Crank Bait PrW 5000 10g 75mm
    Minnow SkL 8g 70mm
    Vibration Viberx 11.5g 80mm
    Passionate Poppi Popper 10g 75mm
    Drawing Pencil 8.5g 85mm

    Comes with a FREE lure box.!!!

    Think I don't need a bunch of them. Selling them away.
    Do not worry. Tested and proven with CRs of them as you can see from this thread of mine.

    Follow my other thread for the sale of my fishing stuffs.!


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