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4.5kg Queenfish caught at Jurong Island

  • Botakmigrain
    wow............ :shock:
  • lengyian
    Good fight, I believe!

    Anyway nice pic, did you let it go (CNR)?

  • skyline
    Good catch you've got there!
  • fibuo
    jurong island is open for public already?
  • SAL
    The queenfish swollen the whole live selar and is dead by the time I remove the hook.
    We are in a boat and is 500m away from Jurong island.
  • Pathfinder
    Be careful..... Jurong Island is a highly protected area. Getting too close may not be a good idea. You may be mistaken as a trespasser if you are lucky.....if you know what I mean. Better to fish somewhere else.
  • SAL
    Thank for your advice.But actually there are quite a few other fishing boat fishing near there too.According to my boatman,as long as we are 500m away from the island,then it's alright.
  • fibuo
    really miss jurong island. last time when it is open to public. its is a very good spot. full of ack, chermin , trevallies. haha. but now close liao. bait also no need to buy. the got a variety of bait fish. and they are in abundance.
  • Sp0iltbr4t
    dun worry .. i will do it for you guys ... i still goes in there once in a while.
  • Grago
    Hi SAL,

    good size queenie :D I like your honesty on the weight of the fish. I've seen many postings previously and they sometimes boast this size to be 7 - 8 kg. Even other species... or issit just a cannon talk??? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  • fibuo
    any idea whether jurong island would be open to public??
  • SAL
    I don't think so it will be open to public because even when we are in a boat around 500m away,sometimes the coast guard or port master will come over and give us warning and saying that we are too near to the island.
    If we are able to go nearer,we will be able to go to the threadfin spot.Ever caught two 4 kg there.
    I think it all the 911 terrorist fault.If not for them,we might be able to go nearer.
  • robo75
    Nice fish.. but ugly cap... :wink:
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