Kawal Kelong: The Eging Haven

Andy Miyavizm Chan
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So I added Hooked on Calamari on Facebook, and not only did I receive awesome eging tips from them, I was kindly invited for a weekend getaway to Kawal Kelong with the group.

We went on the weekend of 4/5 April 2014. In the morning it was raining all over SG, luckily I manage to make it to the ferry and was introduced to some awesome dudes who does eging as well.

Fast forward, we checked in our rods and waited for the ferry. (Do remember to store your fishing rods in a hard case as the transportation is bound for rough handling)

After a 2 hours boat ride and 1 hour land transport. We arrived at Kawal Kelong!

Here's the long "rite of passage" to the Kelong itself.

We were promptly served our lunch after we unpacked our stuff. The amount of food and the quality of it felt like a feast! (Break, Lunch and Dinner is provided)

Here are some pictures of the accommodation which is rather comfortable that comes with exhilarating views.

Woof Woof, very friendly dog.

And very soon, we started the eging spree (fishing as well)! Everyone seems to be having great catches for the day despite the bad weather. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

And some of the pictures of the catches from the Japanese group that were there with us...

Commando style un-snagging (try it at your own risk).

Well and of course there are much much much more catches that didn't made it into pictures as we needed a rest from the shutter of our cameras.

Here's a group picture of all the veteran and fun people that I went with.

All and all, its definitely a good experience for myself to learn from all these seniors in the eging community.

But all good times comes to an end.

Below are some information for Kawal Kelong, if anyone of you kakis are interested (I'm a paying customer, I don't work for them!)

Kelong Kawal - Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia
Singapore Contact: Mrs Lim Hai Chua
Contact No.: 97896513
Email: kelongkawal@gmail.com
Fax: 65553186

Lastly, thank you ©Michael (aka Hooked on Calamari) for the aesthetically pleasing pictures and organizing the trip. Definitely one of those days eging/angling that goes into the memory bank.
  • relac
    Hi bro,

    Able to advise on the charges? other than eging, how's the fishing?

  • Andy Miyavizm Chan
    hi there bro,

    the charges are ridiculously cheap, $170 all in. (transport, food and accommodation)

    fishing wise i would not say its awesome, but still fine. We manage to catch many but not really huge.

    i will not rule out the possibilities that there are monsters there though. Some fish dragged my line like nobodies' business thrice and bit through my leader.
  • dockmaster
    Wouldn't say its 'ridiculously cheap' lest the owner decides to increase the price! More towards an affordable value-for-money weekend getaway for family and friends considering the food, clean accommodation, fishing experience and convenience..
  • Andy Miyavizm Chan
    Yeap value for money is the right word. Nevertheless I don't mind a price increment if they have hot showers. Just saying :lol:
  • Jacqueline.anna
    haha no idea man, currently only available for the yamashita pro staff i think, probably available to the public at around autumn in japan.
  • Vaerion
    Hi! Looking for a nice kelong for a family trip. Is kawal kelong still operational? Otherwise, any kelongs to recommend for family trip?

    P.s. Apologies, I'm not able to start new posts, so hijack this thread for awhile hope it's all good.
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