Rompin 14~17 May 2005

edited June 2005 in Catch Reports
target = sailfish
2 deyz fiching on Sun & Mon

1st day no sail
3 tengiri & assorted fiches

2nd day
later part of aftnn
sighted 1 big sailfish
nok biting

  • hackernox
    When with Jerry of JK sport fishing on the 27-29 May. The result also no good leh :(. No sail at all. Good thing is the Parrots are still there.

    Targeting Parrots is exciting. The Parrot is very very powerful. I set my 30lbs trolling reel to quite a tight drag. And the fellow only 1 kg also can peel line out. It is a 10 sec game. Either u stop the bugger or it when inside the hole. But that 10 sec will make you heart pound like you just finished sex :lol: To target Parrot, your boatman must prepare live crab. The crabs are about palm size. Usually cut into 4 picese. The spot that we when is call Karang Merah and Karang Laut. The size ranges from 1kg to 4kg

    Also we managed to get about 10+ picese of Greeneye Squid. Quite fun. They are usually at the FAD. I just tie one squid jig and leave it parking in a rod stand and the greeneye just come and wack the jig. :)

    The fishing is so so. But overall, I must say it is quit a ok trip, mainly because of the good food, nice chalet and the good kakis. Also Jerry is very helpful with all his pre-tied terminal tackle. He and even lent me a metal jig (Which I sangkok on the FAD :P)
  • hackernox
    Some of our parrot pic

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