Jet ski fishing in Singapore

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Anyone into or going into jet ski fishing in sg?
Thinking of trying this and I'm looking for kakis.
  • fishynatic
    are u going to buy the jet ski? if yes then probably u would be fishing on it any time. haha! if not u would be skiing around i think.
  • yimdav
    Yup! Going to buy the jet ski. Will wait a few weeks to see if I can find a second hand one. If not, will get a new one. Already gotten a quote from Yamaha.
  • roltancc
    I think you need PPCDL for jet ski in SG waters!
  • BiGB@RR@
    Do remember that you are only allowed to jetski in certain areas of singapore's waters. This very much limits your fishing area...
  • yimdav
    Yup! Roltancc, I have the PPCDL already.

    BiGB@RR@, there is a difference between water ski and jet ski.

    Water skiing means I pull someone on skis behind my jet ski. For this, you are right, there are 7 designated areas to do it. Very limited.

    As for jet ski alone (meaning I'm not towing anybody), I can basically go anywhere a normal boat can go. Only limitation is I'm not allowed to jet ski at night (not interested in that anyway). On a full tank of fuel, should have a range of well over 100km for the Yamaha FX HO.

    I've copied the MPA rules below (No. 97 of 1997 - Safety measure for jet-skiing in Singapore port waters). As long as I don't go near the beaches it should be fine.

    (a) Jet skis must keep well clear of all swimmers and should not proceed
    within 300 metres of the water’s edge when skiing off beaches at
    Changi and Pasir Ris. The 300 metres clearance requirement is also
    applicable to other beaches where there are swimmers, other than at
    the East Coast beach where a 900 metres clearance requirement is
    applicable. (see chartlet);

    (b) Where jet skiers require to launch or recover their jet-skis from marinas or boatels located at Changi or Pasir Ris beaches, they shall proceed directly to and from the sea with extreme caution and at a speed that would not create any wake;

    (c) Off the East Coast beach, the jet-skiers are not to proceed within 900 metres of the water’s edge and no landing, launching or recovery of jetskis are permitted;

    (d) Jet-Skis are not permitted to tow any craft including aquaplaning craft, unless in an emergency;

    (e) Jet-skiing is strictly not permitted at night; and

    (f) Jet-skiers must don life-vest at all times when operating the skis.
  • fishynatic
    wah power ah! cant wait to see your adventures on the jet skit. it sounds very very fun!!!!!
  • beowulf
    Two Thumbs up for this. Only seen it on TV. Keen to follow up on your adventures .. Nice one. :lol:
  • yimdav
    Wah! Thanks for the support fishynatic n Beowulf!
    Will keep you guys updated!
  • BiGB@RR@
    In that case, it sounds very interesting indeed!
  • roltancc
    Nice and interesting idea. Maybe you can build rod holder on your jet ski like what kayaker did . Will be interesting to see pictures and CRs!
  • yimdav
    Yes roltancc! Intend to ship the Ultimate Rod Holder from NZ. It holds a 51 litre cooler box and has 5 rod holders. Installing fish finder too.
    Have a look at the pic.

  • EdLee
    I am a member in too and I think you should really hook up with some folks there. Very nice guys in there... whom I believe will be very helpful to you.
  • Klaus Heissler
    2 thumbs up.. remember to post up your photos for us! Also i'd make sure you aren't prone to sea sickness before getting it cos on a small craft like that ur gonna be rocking like aerosmith's tour bus!
  • yimdav
    Hi EdLee,
    Good idea! Will join the forum you suggested.

    Hi Klaus Heissler,
    Yes, a bit worried about the seasick part. Counting on my Korean Scopoderm patch to prevent seasickness. So far it has worked very well except for when I was in NZ with really bad waves.
  • roltancc
    Can tumpang me go fishing? haha- kidding--- absolutely nice jet ski there!!
  • yimdav
    Erm... Not quite comfortable with guy hugging me all the way out to the lonely sea and back. Lol.
  • rayray
    sounds like fun!!
  • jovinceino
    yimdav" said:
    Erm... Not quite comfortable with guy hugging me all the way out to the lonely sea and back. Lol.
    Hi bro, dropped you a PM. :p
  • benamily
    Hey YimDav, how's your jetski fishing going? Anything interesting to update?
  • yimdav
    Hi Benamily,

    Yes, started fishing southern waters on my jet ski.
    Have mostly gone to St. John side as I meet my kayak kakis there. Also been once to Jurong island side.

    It's actually quite doable. with good weather, from Rsyc to St. John is about 30 mins one way. fishing with one person on jet ski is very stable on the yamaha fxho. never felt I will capsize : )
    fishing with a pillion is also doable provided combined weight is 190kg or less. in this case, must be conscious not to lean too far on the same side together.

    I catch more fish trolling than using madai. trolling is the strength of a jet ski, especially if u have a pillion to help jagar the rods. I have done it alone also. it's possible.
    one bad experience was when I was stranded on St. John island cos my jet ski sucked something into the water intake and speed was reduced to walking speed. luckily a jet boat was there n helped to tow me back.

  • Luke Maow Bear
    Gosh, that'd be so much fun! Jet Ski fishing. They do it a lot everywhere else in the world. TEMPTING!
  • bd
    Solid! I'm so tempted to get one (need to persuade wifey [-X :roll: )
    Mind asking, what are the requirements needed (license ?) to jetski in SG waters. And, an average cost involved?

  • shimrec03
    Could you tell us where you berth your jet ski. And how much does it cost per month ...
  • Luke Maow Bear
    I hear you need a power boat license :(
  • yimdav
    Yes, power boat license required.

    Approx cost:
    Rsyc membership 100 per month
    Jet ski dry dock cost 75 per month
    Rsyc subscription cost 100 per month
    So about 275 for the above

    New Yamaha fxho cruiser just over 20k before all the plus plus plus
    Old maybe 2008 Yamaha fx ho maybe 8 to 12k
  • yimdav
    Some additional info:
    Each trip fuel about 20 plus to 30 plus litres. Max fuel capacity is 70 liters.
    The jet ski is capable of 100 kmh max speed but with the waves you will be lucky to hit 30 plus kmh.
    The area outside rsyc can be rather choppy. Not for the faint-hearted if there is strong wind.
    You can install a fish finder on the jet ski.
    If you do so best to have separate batt for the fish finder.
    I bought a rack that holds a cooler box and has 5 rod holders. Shipped from nz. Very good quality. Mounted it at the back. Don't have pic now. Will upload next time.
  • yimdav
    Also, jet ski fishing is best done with at least 2 jet skis so we can look out for each other n tow each other back if necessary.
    If anyone is interested, do contact me. I will be happy to share all the info I know.
    Hoping n waiting for a jet ski fishing kaki : )
  • shimrec03
    How about other marina ? Have you check them out.. it is the monthly payment that kills....
  • xxJimBoZxx
    Mr Yim, I want to eat ice-cream.... while fishing can? whaaaaa you're really enjoying yourself over the other side.. sighz!
  • frothyludicrous
    whats the ave cost of a jet ski
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