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    Just recently bought a used point65 tequila kayak from a kaki and brought it out for the first time to do some kayaking before  doing some kayak fishing, didn't know it be tiring and kinda dangerous! More practise is needed! 

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    I was invited by Ismail @goodguysfishing to learn on how to do ajing on a boat, which is another level of difficulty as you have to keep watching your line as you guide it through the water columns to reach the depths where the Longfin Trevallies are lurking. Sagai Runs are crazy!


    Majorcraft Skyroad Ajing 1-5lb

    Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000 with Pinky 2.3lb/4lb TICT fluoro leader

    Xesta Diver Down 3.0g Jighead

    Thirty34four worms

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    Next video upload!

    The hunt for Big Groupers in PULAU TINGGI, MERSING MALAYSIA! ENJOY
  • superminnn

    New video uploaded! Ajing at Pulau Tinggi, Mersing, Malaysia landed myself many new species with 1.6lb line! 

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    Hunting for Diamond Trevally is not easy, the wind, the tide, the retrieve, the lures are some factors taken into consideration to get this prized catch. Enjoy the journey! To be continued..

     Setup: Majorcraft Ajing 1-5lb
    Daiwa Freams
     Pinky Line 1.6lb
    Tict Fluoro 4lb
  • superminnn

    Went for my first Sailfish Trip in mid-August and was taught by BONE Prostaff Ben Ashley on how to sightcast for Sailfish. Watching these big dark shadows chasing after my topwater stickbaits, poppers, and sinking minnow really gave me the chills. Sadly, none took my lure.

     The catches shown in this video are mainly on livebait. If you have not catch a Sailfish yet, you should go really soon as it is the period where the Sailfish are migrating and currently residing at Kuala Rompin.


  • superminnn

    For this episode was an impromptu weekends adventure into the mangroves of Pulau Ubin to hunt for Wild Barramundi ! Broken into 2 teams, the team with the most Barramundi catches win the team challenge and gets to be named victors. I hope you’ll enjoy the video! The SECRETS in catching this Wild Barramundis in Pulau Ubin will be shared nearing the end of the video, so watch til the end!

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  • superminnn
    Finally after launching few times to accustom myself to kayak fishing, the first episode has been uploaded! Many many Snappers caught in this video and many were released too! Catch & Release fishes that are small in size to practice sustainable fishing! Started kayak fishing from watching all VLUQ videos, so remember to watch and subscribe to watch episode 2!

  • superminnn

    Believe it or not, I have not visited St John island until only this year and the place is beautiful! Went twice and these were the catches so far. Will visit it again for sure. Many fishes were caught during the 2 trips! Remember to practise catch and release fishes that are smaller in size to practise sustainable fishing.

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  • superminnn

    My second kayak fishing video has been uploaded! This time its about fixing up the outriggers, fish finder and trying to catch fish at changi boardwalk and boy, the distance to paddle is crazy. Fishing was slow too, a return trip will be done! Catch & Release fishes that are small in size to practice sustainable fishing!

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    If only Singapore has spots that holds abundant amounts of tarpons which you're able to choose which rise you want to cast at. Fishing for this majestic silver kings is really an amazing experience, with its acrobatics. Do watch it, and remember to like the video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you have not!

    Mancing di Malaysia ni memang seronok skali, terlalu banyak boiling dari tarpon ikan bulan ni. Yang ikan kecil kecil ni digalakkan catch and release ye. Sudi nonton ye, can kalau boleh, like Dan subscribe kepada channel saya ye! Terimakasih

    Rod: Majorcraft Skyroad 1-5lb
    Reel: shimano stradic ci4+ 1000

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    This time its my first launch using my inflatable kayak and went Recce Mangrove fishing in Changi for some Barramundis and Mangrove Jacks! Only one fish was caught so view it at your own discretion! Remember to like, share and most importantly Subscribe to my youtube channel to watch my next kayak fishing episode!

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    I finally caught my first Barramundi on kayak at Changi Boardwalk! Encountered a Barramundi Frenzy which I have never experienced before.. This kayak episode will really excite you so watch til the end, many many catches! Catch & Release fishes that are small in size to practice sustainable fishing! Remember to like, share and most importantly SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel to watch my next kayak fishing episode!

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    This is the long awaited Maldives Fishing episode 1 video! Went Maldives for my graduation trip and all I can say is as an angler, Maldives has to been in your wishlist to fish there, all kinds of fishes caught on different techniques of fishing. In this episode, I just started to learn how to do boat jigging and boy, I really had a good time fishing with my Maldivian friends and also with fishingwithnas. We got stopped by the Police Coast Guards while we were jigging for dogtooth tunas! Remember to like, share my Maldives Fishing video and press the Subscribe button! Stay tune to episode 2 next week!

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    Episode 2 at Maldives, this time is all about Shore Fishing! Casting, Popping, Jigging, all sorts of techniques were applied and crazy amounts of fish caught! Multi-Species Heaven! Remember to like this video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel! Final Episode next week!

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    Final episode of Maldives fishing! The big GT hunt! 
  • johnjake
    Adventure 1: Bedok reservoir park legal area (bridge)
    Then I tried various lures like the sinking ones, snagged a few times, but managed to save my lures
    Came with the intention to try out the lures I bought from muthubak. It was my first time luring so I had no intentions maybe a few bites or hits or near hits will please me.I was using cheap canoe so not feel comfortable I used a popper first and tried to learn how to use. Clearly, beginner's luck came in play. After a few casts, I felt like a snag but can't be bcos I was using a popper. So maybe I reeled in a plastic bag, apparently it was a fish. Idk what's it called. But it was my first catch.

    Ha ha that's funny everyone know that lures no good for every body. I think this was due to your mistake so you should learn properly and try than i also fishing but i have never scene this case yet any way keep trying again what kind of fishing rod you are using....?
  • superminnn
    After some time from kayak fishing, the itch was real, always been wanting to Recce Coney Island Punggol and paddled my way the other end to the other end! Many many Queenfishes were caught in this video and were released too! Stay tune to the next kayak video and remember to Subscribe!

  • superminnn

    It was going to be a fruitless kayak fishing session up until this Orange Spotted Grouper took it hard! Watch til the end and Stay tune to the next kayak fishing video and remember to Like and Subscribe!
  • superminnn

    I have always wanted to do Crabbing and getting Mussels on a Kayak, so this episode is all about getting Crabs and Mussels and also how to cook them using my own rendition of my favourite Fish & Co Lemon Butter Garlic Recipe! Plenty of Mussels found in this video, so watch til the end! Like, Share and SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel to watch the next following episode!

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