What's your favourite jigging line????

edited December 2014 in Jigging & Popping
Out of curiosity, what's your favourite jigging line?? (taking strength, smoothness, thinness, value for money, etc etc)..

Jigging line (for vertical jigging) not casting not popping.. :)

Just wanted to take a poll prolly could drop some names for bros who're just starting out and wonder what kinda line to spool for jigging purpose..

Personally, my choices are:

1) YGK ultra2 jigman (at lower poundages it gets expensive, but super thing amazing line)
2) Varivas Avani Max Power 10 x 10 (expensive too, but great lines)
3) Daiwa Samurai Braid (smooth like smooth haha)
3) Powerpro Superslick (smooth indeed, albeit thick compared to the rest, but cheap)

what's yours?? ;)

btw anybody tried the YGK REAL SPORTS G SOUL (all category) line before? prices is pretty decent, is this one cheap and good line to go for????
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