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Hi guys,

I been told by the mods that i can't link the blog here. So i will post summarized versions of the CRs here from now onwards. For the detailed CR and Pics, please visit the Blog or the Facebook page Sorry for the inconvenience. Today, i'll post the full one as i have some time on my hands.

No.2 FW1 Main Pond - Scorching Saturday.

Woke up late on Saturday, after a long drinking session on Friday. It was already 8am. Rang Jith up and he just woke up too. Picked him up and went down to the pond. It was 9.30am Sam and Lala were already there. The pond was pretty empty with only 10 anglers including us. Set up my gear and went to buy bait, that's when i realised that in my rush i had forgotten to bring my wallet! Panjang, brushed it off and told me to go ahead and fish as he was going to release fish at 10am. So i went to cut up the Kembong and chit chatted with Lala as i had not seen him in awhile. He told me was our deckie for today as he was not fishing because he had to go off early to meet his gf.

10am came, and the firing line began to form opposite the goalpost area. I took my bait and went off to the fence area as i knew the fish will eventually come by there. (also because i wanted to avoid tangles in the initial chaos that will ensue after fish release.) Got to my spot and what do u know, the fish had taken a detour, and headed straight to where i was standing. The water was so clear i could see and count the number of fish in front of me. They were following this brute of a snapper who was probably < 4kg? Tossed out my bait. Felt the tug and Strike, !@#$#@! i didn't see my line wrapped over my tip. Quickly left dropped the tip into the water to give the fish a false sense of escape. untangled the line from the tip and yanked the bugger out from his rocky hiding place. Re-baited and tossed out again. Fish on!!! Another Golden snapper! by this time the entire pond was around me. Lines were being crossed, fish were being lost to slow reaction of the guy next to you when had a hook up. I got out of it and moved down to the middle of the fence area, where Jith was standing. Just as i got there, i saw the brute (the big snapper) whack his live prawn. Jith set the hook, and the bugger peeled off. The fish cut Jith of at the pole. !@#$%$#@!. By this time Sam had landed 2 Golden Snappers as well. We were all looking of for the Reds but they never showed up. A couple of regulars found a small group of Reds the near the keep nets but it was too narrow to toss my bait there with 3 others already there. Lala and i went off to another spot. We saw a Grouper there. The funny thing was that the Grouper, got spooked by my Tilapia and swam off. Imagine that a tiny Tilapia scaring off the Grouper. Kekekeke.

Went back to the goal post area, took a nice big prawn that Sam had gotten from Sheng Siong and cast it out. Then sat down in the shade as the weather was scorching hot. Saw Jith, land a Golden Snapper. The i saw my rod bend forward and shoot back up. I thought i had lost the fish. As i reeled in the slack i felt a tiny tug. Strike!!! and fish on. I mumbled under my breath as the fish surfaced after two cranks and it looked silverish. Mistaking it for a big milkfish, i quickly reeled it in. To my surprise it was a small Seabass. I took it to Panjang and told him i wanted to release into the Pro-Pond (no one was fishing there.) but i got an earful from him and two of the regulars. Told me to take it home and steam it. As it was table size and just nice for one. Oh well, not his lucky day i guess. Dropped him into the keep net and got myself and Lala a drink. Man was it hot.

I had planned to got to Dave's after the session at Panjang's for some luring, but i had forgotten to bring my lures. So i left my rod in Jith's and Sam's care as i went back to grab my wallet and lures with Lala.
When we got back it was status quo. Nothing else had been caught by Sam or Jith. So Jith and i went off to the fence area which was clear now. Spotted 2 fish hiding near the ledge. One was a Red! Rubbing my hands in glee i dropped my bait in front of him. Absolutely no reaction from him. Jith dropped his Tilapia in front of him and got the same treatment. As i was reeling in my line a GREEDY, little Golden Snapper took my bait! Strike!!! Fish on!!! Landed the little glutton and went to re-bait, and heard Jith's drag go off. Thinking he had hooked the Red i went back to where he was. Golden Snapper. Damn it!!! No reds for the 3 off us. Although when we were about to leave, the Red Snappers started feeding. We decided we'll get them next Saturday and called it a day. Didn't fish at Dave's in the end as there were too many baiters fishing already. So it was home sweet home. :)

Pics on the Blog. Will post a Luring CR soon. Thanks for reading. :)
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    mondokz" said:
    Always impressed with ur cr!! Too bad fw1 is far,if not can join u!! Hahaha..keep the CR coming!!
    If thats the case you better bookmark the blog. Cos i will only post short summarized CRs here after this. Thanks for reading! Hopefully we'll fish together some time when u pop by FW1 on a Sat. :)
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    Bro now the price of fw1 no2 . Still 5hours for 50?
  • pazuzu
    yup price is still $50 for 2 hours
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    cool. see u when i see u.
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    Received an sms yesterday from William, asking if I wanted to fish @ Dave’s at 3pm this afternoon. Since I was already going to be at Panjang’s Pond till 2pm, I agreed. Giving me a chance to test my new lure and baitrunner reel I recently acquired from my friend Carl.

    Wrapped up at Panjang’s Pond, (the catch was average, but it was pretty crowded) and went across to Dave’s, when Nick smsed me that he was there. Rubbing my hands in glee at the empty pond, I casted out my lure and began my retrieve. Knock. Knock. No take. 2nd Cast. Knock. Knock. No take. 3rd cast. Sped up the retrieve. BOOM!!!!! Fish On!!! Nice healthy Barra in the 3-4kg range. Got him near and asked Lala to take a picture for me with the fish in the water. He fumbled, then mumbled and the fish spat the lure and went bye bye. Then he explained that his phone screen was spoilt and he wanted to borrow another camera. By this time William and his kaki had arrived and were setting up their gear. 4th cast. Retrieved at the speed. Knock. BOOM!!!! Fish On!!! Another Barra, this one was a little bit smaller, but we managed to land him and take his picture before letting him go. There were a few other anglers starting to fish at the hot spot so I decided to keep the lure,(I did try it at other parts of the pond as did Lala, but only knocks, no takes.) and try the baitrunner.

    Hooked up a nice Tilapia and cast out, less than 30 seconds and the baitrunner was telling me fish on. In my initial excitement, I forgot to rotate the handle to disable the baitrunner function and went to strike the fish. Heard a super sonic sound. Major Blooper. But fish was On!!!! Landed another Barra. Cast out again and Fish On!!! This time I let the fish run, counted to 10 and then Strike!!! Fish On!!! Landed another Barra. By this time Sara had arrived. With Lala and Jith serving as Deckies, we decided to play a little game to test out our upcoming competition format. Which is basically a scoring system based on the fish species you land. ( a refreshing alternative to the heaviest catch.) So the scoring went like this.

    Seabass – 1point
    Gt – 2 points
    Snappers – 3 points
    Red drum – 4 points
    Grouper – 5 points

    So it was on. Sam, Sara, William and Myself cast off. As if on cue, the fish stopped their frenzy. Soon it was fish on for Sara and Me. 2 Seabass Landed and a point each. Sam was next with a Barra. Then it was me and William with 2 Barras each. I was up next. The baitrunner was screaming. Only meant one thing. GT!!! Took awhile with the small reel and a moderate drag, but landed him. In the mean time Sara and Sam were on the board with some Seabass too.

    Then things got interesting. William got himself a Red drum, which sent him joint top with me with 6 points apiece. He tore away from the pack with a Snapper minutes later. 9 points for William. A couple of minutes later I managed to tie it with him at 10 all. Sara, who landed a GT and Mangrove Jack was in 3rd with 9 points. Poor Sam, who had taken on Jith, as his advisor was still at 6 points. Both Sam and William were now aiming for Groupers. Unfortunately for them, it was William’s little girl who got the Grouper. With a little help from mummy and some coaching for Sherwin, she landed the fish that we were so desperately looking for. Jith in the mean time, was entertaining us by catching big milkfish with bread with a line tied to his finger. (almost a kilo in size) Time was running out with William and me tied at 12 and Sara just behind with 11 points. Last cast we said. We were all at the platform, except for Sam who was on the concrete area where they keep the tilapias. Only William was observant enough to notice Sam cast over us. As he retrieved his line I got a hit! ZZZZzzzzzzz went the baitrunner. But, Sam’s line pulled my line away and the fish came off. SABOTAGE!!!!!! William, then hooked himself a Seabass for the Win. So it ended William 13pts, Isaiah 12pts, Sara 10pts and Sam 6pts. It was an extremely enjoyable fishing session, with lots of hook ups, misses, taunting and laughter. (and swearing of course.) Looking forward to the competition with the rest. It should be fun with the points system, where you can employ different strategies and see if you can out score the others. You can PM/Email/Text me for details.

    Check out the blog for pictures of the baitrunner reel and todays session.
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    Great CR Bro! makes me feel as if I was there.

    Looking forward to metting up with you on my next trip back to Singapore.

    Here's a pic of the camo-baitrunner having taken a small GT at Dave's by the Addict. The camo was out-of-the-box. Amusingly, it was this session that Carl first saw the Addict's Camo firing his interest.

  • isaiah83
    Thanks! looking forward to fishing with you too. Nice GT, must have made the baitrunner go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on the take and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ upon the strike? :)
  • isaiah83

    This weeks post is a wee bit long and picture intensive. There are also some videos at the end. I can't hang around till everything loads. So i will just copy and paste the report here. For the pictures and videos please visit the blog. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We had originally planned a 2 day trip to Desaru for his birthday weekend, but as the date drew closer, the weather was getting worse each day. Boatman told us to hope for the best. Got to Desaru and took the boat out. Waves were too high to get to the oil rig so we went to TU lighthouse instead. Not much of a difference. The sea was extremely choppy, (i nearly fell out of the boat when a wave hit us. Thanks for the save Lala!) and the weather was turning bad. We decided to head back. Paid the boatman, and came back home safely.

    My only picture from Desaru. Note my new BFF beside me eyeing some left overs.

    The birthday boy still wanted to do some fishing. So after a brief shopping trip to Sincere Tackle, we went over to Dave's Pond. I have been using rubber lures there for a few weeks now, and after watching Morgan hitting GTs on a spoon last week, i was tempted to give it a try so i bought a couple of spoons, along with some hard bodied lures and swimbaits. Jith got himself some lures too. Although i think he only got them cos they looked nice. :P

    Jith's present to himself. Yozuri Crystal Minnow and Duel Hardcore

    I bought the following from Sincere Tackle, Duel Hardcore, Asari Pinktail and GT-Bio Spoons. Jackson Pintail Tune (From Changi Pro)

    And my Surebite Pagrus from Siow Chiang

    When we got to the pond, some familiar faces were already baiting with their ' Secret Weapon' at the hotspot. I started with the Asari Pinktail, while Jith was using the Duel Hardcore. Right off the bat i had a take on the Pinktail but the fish dropped the lure after a couple of seconds. Damn it. After a few casts, i had only registered two hits and both dropped the lure. Jith had gone off on his own so i went to fish with the baiters.

    Baiter: you using Pinktail uh?
    Me: Yup.
    Baiter: Here got Tengirri Meh? *Chuckles*
    Me: Can use for other fish also lah.
    Baiter: Anything yet?
    Me: Nope.
    Baiter: Lure lousy is it?
    Me: *thinking of how to answer*

    Right on cue. THUMP!!!!!!!!! Fish On!!! Nice Barra! Jumped a couple of times then the lure dropped.

    Baiter: *Chuckling* Say lousy only kenna fish.

    I did not reply as i had cast out again to the same place, and was working the lure over the same spot that got the previous hit. Thump!!! Fish On! This time i made sure i set the hook right. Another Barra. Slightly smaller. Landed him, took a photo and sent him on his way. The baiters were having a ball. Every cast ended up with a hook up of a Seabass. Pretty soon, they were complaining to me about the missing GTs. Lol. I take whatever hits my lure guys. They moved on to another spot. I stayed awhile more, but there were no more hook ups there. I went to see how Jith was doing. He was using a Pagrus, and was having trouble setting the hook despite having hits. I told him what Nick told me when i started out with the Pagrus. Which is to let the lure sink and work the lure slowly. This method had landed me both Barramundis and GTs on previous visits.

    Barra on Pagrus

    GT on Pagrus

    I left him to play with his Pagrus and went off to have a drink and chatted with Nick for a bit. Then i noticed the baiters hitting GTs at Morgan's spoon spot. Changed to a spoon and went out to join them. First cast and BOOM!!!! Fish On!!!! The GT was a handful on my Ajn 5'6 rod and Penn Battle 2000 setup. Just as i was about to land him, he made one last dash. While attempting to reel him back, he got away. Upon closer inspection, i noticed the stock hook had opened up. Serves me right for trusting the stock hook i guess. Went to put on a owner hook. Passed Jith on the way and learned that he worked the lure as i said and lost it to a snag. Yikes! I guess my emphasis on SLOW retrieve was taken too literally. Went back to the spot and there were too many baiters for me to get a clear shot. So i went back to the first spot and hit a fair bit of Barra on the spoon. Kept me occupied til the baiters went home.
    First Barra

    Second Barra. Funny how they always surrender belly up.

    This one was the best one and the smallest of the lot. Obliged my request and went on an extended run, with several jumps.

    The thing that got away. (probably a barra)

    The baiters left as the sun was setting and i went back to the GT Spot. Had a few following the spoon but BAM!!!! Greedy Barra took the spoon a meter in front of me. The GTs swam off and never came back. I guess the spoon is only effective when the sun's up. Went back and changed to the Jackson Pintail Tune. I had seen Nick using this and hitting GTs before. But it seemed like the GTs were not feeding after dark. After a dozen casts, i passed the rod to Jith, who had given up the luring and gone back to baiting. He landed a nice grouper, just before sunset. He cast out the Pintail a few times, and Nick was telling him how to work it when, BAM!!!!! Fish On!!! And what a fish it was. Took him awhile to bring it in on the AJN/Battle 2k setup but it was worth it when the fish was landed. Birthday boy got his Birthday present. It was the big GT, Sam had landed a couple of weeks ago. Having landed it on a hard-bodied lure was a even better.

    Big Bad GT

    Happy Birthday Bro!

    His Grouper caught earlier in the evening.

    We still had some left over bait, so we decided to use the baitrunner and take another video as the one Lala and i did last week was 'lousy'.

    Nick on the baitrunner

    Here is some information on the reel.
    It is a Okuma 20s sized reel.
    Original drag is made of Japanese felt - 4kg. Mod drag is a mix of hybrid carbon pads with tuned washers - 6.5kg with low start up inertia. 6 + 1 ball bearings. ratio is 5.1 : 1. weight of the reel is 340g.
    It is available in Camo Green and comes with a spare spool.
    $60 each
    (Do let me know if you want to get one and i will pass your contact to Carl.)

    Just for laughs. Here is the video Lala and me shot last week. See Lala's shameless zoom in at the end! :
    I am using the Baitrunner with a Eupro Salty Fighter. Line is 15lbs PowerPro Slick 8.

    Me in action last week.

    A little shout out to Ken, who we ran into last week. Ken is the Winner of the Salthead's Heaviest Catch Challenge on June 2nd at Panjang's Pro Pond. See ya soon Bro!

    We will be visiting Ubin next week. Stay tuned. :)
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    Double Post!!! Sorry!
  • isaiah83
    The weather was terrible so we called off our Ubin Trip. In the mean time, here is a CR from Lala's solo fishing trip to LSR.

    I woke up late for work on Friday and had to take MC to save myself. After seeing the doctor, I found myself with lots of time to spare. I decided to get my AJN rod repaired and also to go fishing. After settling stuff at sincere tackle, I reached lower seletar reservoir (LSR) at about 2pm.

    I actually just wanted to practise my casting and to actually try out my many lures that I have (which btw I am actually doing for the first time). It was also the first time fishing in freshwater settings. I never really expected to see any fish near the jetty. At LSR, the fishing jetty is the only place that anyone can fish legally. If you want to risk getting caught by the power rangers, then perhaps you can take a hike around the reservoir to find your ideal fishing spot.

    When I reached the jetty, I set up my gear and decided to try using my spoon lure. I started casting towards the shore line and started working my lure back. About 15 minutes later, I saw another angler land a Peacock Bass. I was my first time seeing a Peacock Bass and i though to myself , "what a beautiful fish." I called Isaiah and told him about it.

    The first thing he asked me was, have I caught any fish and and which lure I was using. He then asked me to try using my floating minnow. After switching my lure, I saw the other guy leaving, as he left he chatted up with me. He commented that I was using lure and that he caught 4 PBs using bait. It was then that I realised that he was bring his catch back. I felt annoyed but I didn't let it show. I notice that he landed his catches by casting near the front of the jetty. I figured that the PBs could be hiding under the jetty and I decided to try it out. I was right! I saw the fishes chasing my lure a few times and I was getting hits on my lure!

    After half an hour, I felt a hit and I strike! Fish on! But the fight barely lasted 2 minutes. Upon reeling in, I found that I had caught a small PB. I was elated! I had never in my life seen a PB up close. At that moment I became the center of attraction on the jetty. Some people were asking me questions about how I caught the fish. And some asked me if the PB is a local fish. I ended up posing for pictures with the fish.

    The Peacock Bass is a really beautiful fish. I still can't understand why the other guy would want to tah pao the fishes. Maybe he has mouths to feed at home. I spent the next 3hrs casting and switching between lures. I had a hook up on a spoon, but i lost the fish and the spoon. !@#$%$#@! Although I only caught one PB today, I plan to come back to LSR to fish again with the other Saltheads!
  • pazuzu ... -pond.html

    Been a while but they are back.
    Nice One Sam.
  • isaiah83
    Sam's Revenge Session Pics on the blog. Enjoy!
  • isaiah83
    isaiah83" said:
    Sam's Revenge Session Pics on the blog. Enjoy!
    Sam's Revenge Session. :)

    Got my live prawn bait and reached Main Pond at 10am today. Didn't sleep last night thinking of last Saturday's dismal catch rate with only two red drums in seven hours(2pm-7pm) and losing a 4kg+ barramundi, a MJ , red drum & a few Gold snappers(in short it sucked). Been gunning the two prominent grouper spots with no avail, only to see another angler hooking one in front of the goal post!

    Back to today's story:
    So after reaching at 10am, Panjang the pond attendant told me he was going to release the fish in 5min and I have not set up my gear! Damn! Talk about a bad start for the day! Ah well, I was planning to stalk my nemesis: the grouper. After set up, Panjang told me the released fish have swam to the back of the "goal post" and told me to go over. 2 anglers have just manage 2 hook ups of golden snappers before I reached the platform and I quickly casted under the ledge where the snappers have taken shelter.

    Within 3 min, boom! Set! Strike! Landed a 1kg AZ(Golden snapper). I rushed to unhook my catch into the basket. Before I could release the hook the AZ decided to give a fight on land. Armed with the hook in its mouth, the AZ's hook scraped the top of my thumb. Blood was all over. Not the fish's but mine. "F*ck the bleeding, I gotta keep the feeding frenzy going!," I thought. So I manned up, kept the fish and sprinted over to my bait basket to bait the hook for the next one.

    Another 3 anglers joined in and stood beside me(felt like a mrt train crowding all of a sudden lol). After 5min from casting, I watched my float twitch. Hmmm... Bait got spooked. Closed my bail arm and dragged it back to position. Suddenly, the float sank in.... IN SLOW MO... Counted two seconds and Strike! The angler beside me didn't flinch or move to give way and I had to tug the fish out from under the ledge!

    Bro don't mind! I said. He moved one step away... Wtf... I immediately told him, " bro I need to yank this sucker out so I need more space!" "ok ok paiseh" he replied and move over to my right. During this time, I had no idea what size this AZ from the fish release will be. My rod bent violently while I fought the fish at the end. I didn't have enough of leverage and I didn't want to lose this fish that rushed under the ledge. Before I knew it, the clear water of the pond became murky due to the commotion created by the fish on the end. GAO HE! GAO HE! The angler beside me yelled. I opened my bail arm and ran to the other end of the platform gain leverage. Close the bail arm and pulled.... A burst of commando striped speckles emerges from the unsettled murky water. It was a Grouper! It tried to swim back to its hideout but I i tugged at the rod and gave it no way to return to its comfort zone.Line Tension tight, Rod Bent & heart racing... "don't lose this catch Sam" I thought and Yes! I managed to tire it and bring the fish near shore(saw the fish head). Before I knew it, the silliest thing happened,a "helpful angler" held the line to try and hold it still. The Grouper jostled. @#*@#% ! I suddenly felt light and saw a blank hook hooked onto my "Samaritans" palm with the sour look on his face. "paiseh ah bro, at least we are even now, I lost the fish and u got my hand" WTFFFFFFFFFF, I thought. The sane part of me immediately replied," I guess it wasn't meant to be."

    My head was racing.... !@#$%$#@!..... My mood just went bad... I smsed Isaiah and my wife on the incident and they shared my woes. Not to mention, Panjang was sympathetic too and said:" why u no plier? Grouper cannot pull(he meant using bare hands to tug the fish out), haizzz"In my defence, I told him that I wasn't the smart Alec and he gave me the sympathetic smile. All was not lost, as I started to relentlessly land one fish after another(must be the surging anger and disappointment in me that reflected in the catch lol) as follows:

    1st- 1kg AZ
    2nd- lost grouper
    3rd- 1kg Taiwan
    4th- 800gm AZ
    5th- 1kg AZ
    6th- 2kg+ Taiwan
    7th & 8th - lost MJ and AZ(was trying the super mutu circle hook)
    9th - 1kg AZ
    10th - 1kg AZ
    And the final 11th AZ 800gm.

    Wait, did I say final? Erm well, I decided to extend another hour from 3pm-4pm. Why? Isn't it obvious? I can't get the loss of the grouper out of my bloody head lol! So i armed myself with a good size tilapia and baited the line and cast out. Bait was too active so I reeled in to knock the fish out. Recast. Under ledge. I'm at the corner that is near the ex-barra pond this time(didn't wanna go for the spooked grouper corner as I kept having bad replays in my head on the accident)
    Reeled in slow under the ledge and then I noticed, damn, I didn't put my damn float! So I reeled in. Stuck! Under the ledge! What more could go wrong right? I looked at my iPhone. 3.45pm.... Sigh 15min to go... Slack my line and jiggle the line in a up down motion to free it. Finally, got it out of the ledge. Suddenly, there was a huge dramatic pull at my line. Wtf? Has The tilapia came to its senses and decided to do a payback? No, the rod was incredibly bent and my reel was screaming! Fish on!!! As I fought the mystery fish at the end, I was thinking,"which fish will take a palm size tilapia?!? Taiwan?"
    I fought and pull. Slack the line, run to other side, tight, pull. The fish darted from under one ledge to another under Ledge and the familiar murky creation in the water became visible just like this morning.

    Grouper???????Dind Ding Ding!!

    Painstakingly I fought the good fight... Reel pumping and tension building line on the thoroughly bent trusty salty chief rod. Will I make it??

    I yelled PANJANG!!! PANJANG!!! GAO HE!! GAO HE!!

    Panjang jumped and frantically search for his pliers. 2min past and the grouper surfaced for 2nd time. I looked around, no samaritans, check, grouper on line, check, panjang running to my aid with a net because he couldn't find the pliers, check. As he ran towards me I notice the hook has barely hooked the left soft corner of the mouth!!!!! Panjang's sprint to help became an eternity...

    Will he make it? Yes indeed, he did...

    Ladies & Gentlemen, the Eagle has Landed... My very first grouper landed and yes it's at No.2FW1 Panjang Pond. It was a good day and made a new friend there too lol.

    Cheers Guys! -Sam
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    dynamite" said:
  • isaiah83
    I had to take my cousins who were visiting from Switzerland, fishing @ Dave's on Saturday. I have not gotten the pictures yet, so i guess that CR is going to be delayed. In the mean time our resident grouper hunter, Sam, had a pretty decent session at Panjang's Pond. His CR is as follows. Enjoy! :)

    It has somewhat became an annoying ritual for me recently that I don't tend to sleep before a planned fishing trip on the following day(wife is definitely annoyed). Well I guess my mind tends to flash images of the following day for my imagination on what fish I might be catching, types of bait, type of rigs, gear and so on. Somehow, this has kept me from sleep the day before and I wonder if it happens to any other anglers too lol.

    Anyway, the day started with me buying bait as usual and heading down to the pond. Isaiah had plans and I compelled myself to do a solo mission again. Objective for the trip: To ascertain that Thursday's Trip wasn't a fluke. Well if you see it from my point of view, it's all about learning new experiences, making friend and meeting old ones, challenges and recognition(not much of the latter). Compare a weekday of pond filled with only a few amateur anglers versus a weekend of pond filled with both pros and amateurs and you can see visibly what are your chances of the points I've mentioned. :)

    Anyway back to the story:

    Upon reaching the pond I saw that the pond was already filling with the usual suspects of old timers and a few unfamiliar faces(1st timers) & a few others like me. Total about 10+ anglers including me and more were coming in. Upon reaching Panjang's shack, he gave me the most ridiculous and sheepish grin & said," Aim gaohe(grouper) ah? " and I replied with a grin. Whatever happened to "good morning" or "How are you"? lol. Ah well, thats Panjang the pond attendant for you. He immediately filled me in on the status of the pond condition and where all the fishes maybe hiding for the day(good customer service). He then hurried me to set up my gear before I paid for the session.

    Set up my rod, Baited up and went to the corner nearest the ex-barra pond. There I met 3 old timers who greeted me with nods and before I could cast my bait, "Wah! Aim GaoHe ar? Prawn so big. Buy market one ar?"

    After an exchange of bait information and he started by telling me that a grouper was already caught earlier by another old timer before I reached at about 8am & he had 2 huge takes on his tilapia baits without succession of landing any fish. Hmmm... The Groupers must be spooked by this chap at this corner already and with my past experience fishing groupers, they won't be biting here I thought. After spending about half an hour at the corner I decided to "butterfly" around the pond to scan for useful info or fish sightings. From what I gathered, there was fish release total of 100kg on Friday . There was a 10kg Barramundi, 18 groupers, 10+ Taiwan Ngor(red drum), and the rest are 1 foot Ang Kuay(red snapper), Ang Cho(spotted snappers)

    By 10am and still no fish bites from my casts and it was fish release time so I scooted over to the goal post where the fish were released. Before I knew it, the whole area started buzzing with reel cast to the dsesired location. 10 min past and there were no takes so I change my location to the back pond ledges where the fishes maybe hiding. By then, the back area were already swarming with old timers and I managed to squeeze In the frenzy to cast(this is one of the weekend challenges an angler might face).

    There was a moment of silence... Zzzzzzzzzzzz.... There were screaming reels all over the place suddenly & Not on mine though. I looked on as one by one, golden snappers, red snappers and barramundis were landed by these old timers. Suddenly I felt a slight tug on my line followed by a bang. Tightened my line and counted 2 secs and strike. Fish on! Ang cho and the fight went on for less than a min before I landed it. I quickly unhook the fish and got it in a fish basket, rebaited and went back to the same location to keep the frenzy going. Casted out and reeled in slow. Same situation: light tighten, strike and land. It was number 2 for me. All of a sudden, the pond went quiet again. The frenzy was over. Some of the old timers have already caught 4-6 fishes and I knew I was doing something different that made my catch rate so dismal. There will be a better next time I hoped.

    The day continued with no catches and the scorching sun giving me an epic headache. Switching from corner to corner, ledge to ledge, I still couldn't get any takes. While fishing at the corners watched as unsatisfied anglers going back as they were being done in by the sweltering sun and incredibly slow catch rate.To make things worse, I lost 2 leaders due to snags and accidentally dropped and scratched my reel badly on concrete. Finally, I decided to throw in the towel too and go back home with my dismal catch. As I walked over to Panjang's shack and he encouraged me to continue(it was 1pm then) with my last hour saying that I MUST land a grouper before leaving. He baited my hook for me coax me to the corner where I landed my last grouper two days ago. "Sam, stop being a wuss and go catch a fish", I thought.

    So I dragged myself over to the corner crowded with the pros and old timers. I counted, 1,2,3,4,5,6... Damn... Oh well, what the heck. Casted at the ledge horizontal to me and waited for almost half an hour. A friend I made two days ago, dropped by the pond to say hi and ask about my catch.
    "today f#%*tup lah far two only man. Look at my competition!"( I pointed at all the army of floats crowding around the grouper spot). I shared him the whole duration incidents and the catches made by other anglers and grouper misses by them. He asked me what bait I was the pros were using and I replied they were all using kembong strips, milkfish and live prawns. I then reeled in to show him my combo bait and with no avail. He smiled and said," come this monday lah, lesser people," and I just replied with a smile. I threw the line in the ledge vertical to me and reeled in under the ledge while chatting with him.

    Suddenly, I felt a huge lunge at the end of my line. Fish on? Line tightened, timed myself and strike....FISH ON! Before I knew it, the familiar commando stripes I made friends with in my last trip came out to greet me. "Ay Gao He le! ", one of the old timers yelled. The grouper pulled its way back to under the ledge with rod bending. I walked backwards with the rod and tightened line to pull him out but he wouldn't bug so I slacked the line immediately and walked further back and close the bail arm to continue the tension and pull to prevent a line fray or burst at the ledges. The mud at the area started to erupt and yes the grouper came out! But it wasn't over as he wanted to swim back under and I quickly pulled my rod high. The grouper finally surfaced.

    Nice Lip Shot to its right corner! This time round, I needn't worry about smart alecs as I was surrounded by old timers and pros lol. Pliers to the lower fin, the grouper was practically lunged out of the water. Oh my Goodness! This seals it. It was my no.2 and on a weekend this time round!
    Ladies & Gentlemen, The Eagle Has Landed for the Second Time LOL

    I looked at the time, 2pm and JUST IN TIME. I thanked everyone around me who helped and brought the prize over to the shack. Immediately Panjang asked me sternly,"Extend 2 hour?" I grinned and politely turned him down and I caught a glimpse of him sniggering to himself. Panjang really made my day, not to forget the grouper and the company I was fishing with. :)


    *Pictures are on the blog*
  • Alex Dazzler
    Nice write up :)
  • isaiah83
    Alex Dazzler" said:
    Nice write up :)
    Thanks Bro!
  • isaiah83
    got some peacock bass @ LSR. Full report on blog.
  • isaiah83
    isaiah83" said:
    got some peacock bass @ LSR. Full report on blog.
  • isaiah83
    Lala went to try out some flies i made.

    Not a very big one, but i got my first wild toman. :D I managed to test out some of the flies, Isaiah tied. Caught some nice Peacock Bass. Total number of hits on the flies was 5. 3 were landed and 2 got away. I also got my biggest PB to date. Slightly more than a kilo. In any case, i'm going to go find other spots as there are too many people baiting where i usually fish. -Lala

    Pictures of the fish and flies are on the blog
  • isaiah83
    2 sessions today, both extremely fun.

    Pictures and 2nd CR on the Blog ... sions.html

    I had initially, decided to bring my rod along and do some fishing by the beach, but the 2.6m high tide meant strong currents and i didn't want to lug my heavy sinkers around so i left my rod at home and brought my cast net along instead.

    Got our supplies, and off we went. I parked at car park F2, and showed my family the cotton trees i chanced upon while on another trip with Jith. Pretty rare sight to see cotton everywhere! I was almost tempted to take some to tie some flies, but they were wet and so i left them where i found them.

    We choose a shady spot pretty close to the jetty, for convenience. The toilet was nearby and there was an old couple selling drinks and tidbits at the start of the jetty. The tide was just coming up. I walked along the beach with my net in hand trying to see if i could spot some bait fish. The waves were pretty big and were churning up a lot of sand. I just decided to blindly cast and try my luck. I was told previously that Sand Whiting aka 'Swa Chiam', could be found on the incoming tide close to shore. And that was what i was aiming for. I threw out my net where the waves crashed. Waited for a few seconds and pulled it my net. Hey Hey! What do you know lucky on the first cast. I got 2 Swa Chiams!
    Had a little trouble getting them out as they tried to force their way out and got their gills stuck. Phone rang and it was Jith. He wanted some bait for his surf casting trip next weekend. Told him what i had and he was overjoyed. Nothing like Swa Chiam for Stingrays he said. Walked and casted for a distance of about 20 meters and got 11 Swa Chiams for my effort. My father was pretty excited and was telling me how good they taste when fried and complaining that the ones i caught were small. I told him that they were for Jith and he left me alone after that.

    Pretty soon the tide was at it's peak. It was 1.30pm and the sun was scorching. I was longing for the cloud cover that was out at sea. I didn't have to wait long though. Once the clouds moved closer to shore, i saw some bait fish jumping in the distance. I stood in knee deep water and casted out my net. Nothing! 20 casts later still nothing. Feeling a little tired from the casting, I decided to go get a drink, and walk along the jetty. I spotted people jigging for Tamban. But they too were having little luck. Current too strong an old bird said. Another one said the fish were too far out. Ah well, i just decided to admire the beautiful women who decided to show up today at the jetty. (there were quite a few!) Not too much though as my wife was watching from shore with her eagle eyes! Kekekkeke. Made my way back to where my family was and decided to have another go. This time i waded out til the water was almost at chest level. It was going to be a challenge to throw the net properly at this depth and the big waves were not making it any easier. Just as i was about to throw my net, i spotted some spectators watching from the jetty above. The cast was made as a big wave hit and i made a mess of it, much to the amusement of my spectators. Talk about performance anxiety! Gathered my net and set up for another cast. This time, i bid my time and cast out after a big wave. The net fell nicely. As it was sinking, i could feel little vibrations from within the net. Pulled the net in as i walked backwards to the shore and sure enough i had hit a school of fish. At first glance, i thought they were the Big Eyed Herring or 'Tua Bak', as they are commonly known. These fish are usually caught at night. Looking closer i saw that these fish had a distinct black dot behind the gill. I had hit a school of 'Assam' ( my dad told me that they are from the shad family) After throwing about a dozen or more into my little pail. I waded out to the same area and tossed the net again. Bingo! Another bunch of the same fish. As i was getting them out from the net, ( the jetty spectators had crowded around me to take photos of the fish) someone pointed out that there was a different fish among them. It was a little mullet, unfortunately he was stuck pretty bad and by the time i freed him he died. I also spotted a snapper in the net. I got him out as quick as i can, and after a quick snap threw him back into the water. Hit the same spot, and came up with a couple more 'Assam' fish. The fish were in chest high water and it was very challenging, to throw my 7 feet net properly. I balanced myself and threw out the net the best i could. Came back with another load.

    The next three cast after that were empty. The people on the jetty above pointed out to me that the fish were in even deeper waters. They were urging me to go up and cast from the jetty. I was a little hesitant as you are not allowed to do that, but i guess temptation got the better of me as i saw the bait fish jumping on the surface. I got back to shore, hoisted myself up via the railings and went to where my kind spectators were standing. I told myself one cast and off you go. Reached the spot, and the lovely people made some space for me to cast. I could see the shiny reflections of the fish right below me. Tossed out the net and let it sink. With the vibrations i was getting i knew it was a big load. Pulled up the net and Tambans galore! Signalled to my wife to bring me my pail and i got to work slowly releasing the fish from the net. Some of the fish got stuck in the net as they tried to force their way out. I took me almost 10 minutes to free all the fish. (by which time most of them had expired.) A lot of photos were taken by people who were walking by. The tourists were asking too many questions. I decided to cast one more time. This time apart from a few stragglers, there was nothing. I guessed the school of tambans moved off as i was freeing the fish from the net. Walked back to the entrance of the jetty and bought a drink. The Aunty warned me to be careful as the fine is $500 for casting a net from the jetty. Told her i was done and went back to my family. Decided to go for a swim. As i was about to hit the water i saw the 'Assam' fish school again. Raced back to get my net, and tossed it out at them. Pulled them in and threw them into my little pail which, filled up nicely to the top with the last haul. Decided that it was enough fish for the day, much to the disappointment of the people who were watching. Hahaha. Spent the rest of the day swimming and teaching my wife to throw the cast net. Once the tide started to recede and the debris start coming, we called it a day and went back home.
  • isaiah83
    I had a long weekend during the National day holidays. Surprisingly, i did not get to fish much due to some family gatherings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So Sunday was my only chance. Made some plans with some of the guys on Saturday night, and realized i was going to have a Sunday Marathon.

    Part 1

    Woke up at 5am and went to meet Lala for some freshwater fishing. I had recently purchased an Ajiking Atom 500 reel and loaded it with 6lb Berkley braid for some ultra light action with my 5' Ajn stealth carbon rod. Lala had tied a new fly for me to try and i told him that i was going to use that for the entire session, and that it had better work. We reached our spot just as day broke. There were a few guys already wetting their lines there. We were told by some regular uncles that the PBs were missing for the whole week. We cast out our flies and I got first blood, with a tiny palm sized PB. Threw the little one in and cast out again. This time a bigger PB hit the fly. 'My fly works!' Lala exclaimed. I was having a blast with the tiny 500 sized reel, although i could use the rod to overpower the fish. (going to get an even light rod) 20 minutes in, i completed my hat - trick of PBs. Lala was puzzled. We were using the same color/type of fly, with the same retrieval pattern but only i was registering hits. When i hooked onto my 4th PB, he became exasperated. I paused for a bit and let him try working the area that i was fishing. Still no bite for him. We were chatting randomly about some stuff when i had a hook up. This one was different. My line was peeling out from my little reel, and i could feel the head shakes. I usually use a low drag setting, according to the size of PBs we usually catch. A good 4 minutes later, i reeled in a tabled sized PB which was well above a kilo. I know that they can grow much larger, but this was the largest i have caught so far. A couple of pictures for memories sake and i let it go. Lala was still on Zero. I told him that i was going to nickname the fly. After a some mindless deliberation, i decided to call it the assassin (i know it's lame, but at least it put a smile on my buddy's face!) We decided to cast out one last time. The assassin had one more hook up. This one was a little smaller. Released him and we called it a day as i had to head off to my next session. Not too bad for a 1 hour session. I guess Lala's going to make more of the 'assassins' to try out.

    For Part 2, 3, 4 and the all pictures. ---> ... athon.html
  • isaiah83
    Bros, who were asking me about the camo baitrunner reel. u can see the baitrunner in action here. ... mbers.html ... -bash.html
  • isaiah83
    Went to try out my new Zerek Rod at Dave's Pond. Unfortunately it was closed. So i went over to say Hi to Panjang. I couldn't fish at his pond because of time constrain. But he let me catch a fish in his pro pond. Telling me, ' I give you 15mins see you can catch or not' :) I got one instantly at my usual spot. Not a very big one but a fat one. Then the rain came and i decided i'll go back on Sun since it has been a long time since i fished at the pro pond. video and pic are on the blog. ... erker.html
  • pazuzu
    that's a nice looking GT u got there. quite a fight it must have gave you on UL tackle. Well done nice catch \m/ !!
  • isaiah83
    pazuzu" said:
    that's a nice looking GT u got there. quite a fight it must have gave you on UL tackle. Well done nice catch \m/ !!
    Dont Kaysiao la Jith, you were the one filming it! Anyways the GT video is only on the Facebook page. Takes damn long to load.
  • isaiah83
    We took part in the AJN Competition at Dave's Pond and had a celebratory gathering at No.2 FW1 pro pond later. ... g-no2.html
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