Changi Beach Club Boardwalk

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Anyone tried the boardwalk jetty at Changi Beach club? Was there with my family this afternoon and it looks promising. The kelong poles that were put up there would surely be a heaven for small tambans which in turn would attract larger predators. Saw someone hooked up a small estuary catfish there.
Anyone care to share any info or CR on the location?

  • Jeffio
    hmm..... nice spot..... my past catches R small size stingray... Duri..
    gelama...... and some runaway train....
  • jushi
    hmmm hows the water like now? the last time i went during chinese new year it was totally unfishable due to reclaimation works on ubin. water quality was so pathetic :(
  • Wizan
    was there when the tide was receding, looks quite OK with its usual greenish colour. Should be better when the tide is coming up.

    ----- :?:
  • jertkw1987
    caught plenty of gelama there.. also horseshoe crab.. haha.. current strong like hell.. best bait to use will be sandworm or fresh prawn.. use small hooks
  • FishFinder
    went there on vesak day with 2 friends, caught 2 palm size gu hood and 1 small ray... saw one big ACK swimming around, but i think the fish is sick...

    got two guys hook up more than 40 small fish while we were there, sometimes 2 cat fish hook up together :shock: so easy like eat rice :lol:
  • FishFinder
    ray and cat

  • xiaocash
    that is not a big one off shore bigger want to see pic just sign my guest book at and tell me you want to see and i will post it on my site
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