DIY leader line rig holder

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Unwanted file with clear slots
Hook sleeves OR duct tape(to prevent your hook from poking through the file.

Hi, just a simple rig holder which I thought of. Its the same concept and design taken from sabiki jigs. I think its simple enough to make, and portable to carry a lot of leader rigs, about 5 in one page.

1.Cut the cardboard into the A4 size.
2.Cut the bottom and top about 8 times of about 2 cm slit.
3.Use a drill bit and poke a hole at the end of the slit.
4.Slot your line into the slits.
5.Blu-tack your hooks or swivel to keep the line from dangling and moving when you take out the cardboard.

Be gentle when you are removing the line from the slits, because you might scratch or cut the line against the cardboard.

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