seagate 4500

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hi all,
newbie here, anybody used the daiwa seagate 4500?
any reviews? how is it for jigging to be paired with a jm 250g rod and loaded with pe3 line and 150-250g jigs? any input would be appreciated 8)

TIA :lol:
  • ieatprawnsss
    ello. the seagate is a decent reel for jigging. made in china though. quite smooth and in my opinion good value for its price. but i think with a 4500 size u can afford slightly heavier line. maybe pe 4-5? unless you're really fishing deep and line capacity is really an issue, otherwise it'd be better if u spooled a heavier line yea.
  • biboy2000
    thanks for the fast answer.i did not know this is china made reel, yes i might also spool it with pe4, we usually fish 100-150m for this. the catalina 4500 is also an option so any reviews will also be appreciated. :p

    fish on!!
  • Altec_lan
    The seagate is cheap great reel. I sold my 2 Stella and Daiwa 6500 expedition.
    Now I am using Daiwa Seagate 4500 . of cos it can't beat the Stella and
    Saltiga but for my application the seagate sufficient....cheers

  • extractor
    The Seagate although made in china is actually a better reel than the Saltist. I have the 4500 and did a direct comparison with the saltist. Its a pity most people do not know the actual difference and hence the Seagate has a low resale value here compared to the saltist... so whenever the chance arises... Grab one!

    The biggest difference is the Ball Bearing assembly built onto the spool, Part No. 16 on schemetics.

    This ball bearing at this critical spot enables very smooth spool rotation UNDER LOAD. This spool bearing is usually found on reels like the Certate and above which is non existent on the Saltist.

    Seagate also has Daiwa Engine Plate, Part No. 74 which keeps the gears better aligned under heavy load. Also another valuable improvement over the Saltist.

    Seagate also has a additional waterproof rubber gasket under the spool, Part No. 43. Saltist is waterproof at most places but water can intrude from the top of the rotors. Seagate got this part waterproof as well...

    Cheap but good....   
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