Looking for Kaki for Pond event in Johor

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Anyone interested to join a mini event Pond fishing in Johor?
Loccation: Permas Jaya, Kampong Senibong.
Fee: $120 Ringgit.
Top 3 get prizes
Timing: 1am till 6am.( Overnight )
Date: 26 Oct ( Sunday early morning ) Going in on Saturday 11pm.
Remarks: Max 8lb line ( Mono or Braided, single hook )
Pond size: 50% bigger than No.2 FW1
Type of Fishes: KBL, AK, ACK, Gao, GP ( 60 addtional 2kg AK for this event )

Subject to postphone if not enuff anglers. ( Heard that limit 30 - 40 )
Would be fun to play in a small team.
Interested, please contact/sms me @ 96386901
  • Drumstick
    Opppss...please dis-regard the previous post.
    Due to my lousy Melayu interpretion on the poster, it is actually gonna be held on Sunday 9am - 6pm.

    Hrmm..now dunno can make it in time or not liao...
  • fishadventurer
    Try going into JB early Sun morning lah .... say about 4:30 am. Should have no traffic or jam problems. Can't say the same for 5:00 am ... heard got alot of "KIASU" people crossing over at about that time to go marketing!

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