BC Spool Tuning

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For those interested in BC spool tuning, here are the basic DIY setups to start with.

Usually most of the BC reels are not tuned to optimise performance. The shaft of the spool is rough and caused friction on the pinion gear while spinning. Therefore the moment of inertia of the spool is reduced by such phenomena. To counter this, we tuned the spool by polishing it's shaft to achieve better smoothness.

Tools/materials needed:

1. Hand drill with rotation lock
2. Hand drill clamp
3. Diamond sand-paper or Polishing paper
4. Velco

Before tuning, the shaft is dull in texture

Step 1: Wrap the spool with velco/rubberband to secure the line

Cut a piece of polishing strip of 5x1 cm

Mount the spool onto the hand drill, not to clamp too tight. Power up the hand drill

Wrap the polishing strip around the shaft and running over it until you can see the polished texture surfacing

Finally, a polished shaft

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