Looking for driving kaki to drive up Rompin 25-27 Oct

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Due to business travel plans, some kaki cannot make it for this trip. We are looking for a 2nd car to drive up to Rompin on 25th morning, fish on 25th and 26th, then return on 27th.

We are trying for sail and so some bottom fishing for sotong. Cost sharing-trip. But from the recent posts on pricing, ours seems ex. rm1200 per day for the boat alone. Still have to pay for the chalet, drinks and food. If divide by 6 pax, the charter is almost the same as a changi day trip per pax. Only different here is we get sails and lots of table-size catch.

First time trying this charter. So, you guess is as good as ours. It could be a wonderful trip. It could be a nothing trip. I prefer to enjoy the journey. The result is a bonus.

The charter claims this is a big boat that can take 6 comfortably. So, we are looking for 2 kakis only. If you are a party of 3 and of small-regular build, it should be ok. I think.

PM if you are interested.

  • pp389
    reserved ...

    Pending confirmation on Tuesday

  • pp389
    Ok ... 1 slot open. Leave not approved.

  • pp389
    Those whom have PM, confirm quick. First come (confirm) first serve basis.

    The total costs will be transparent but from the look at the recent postings, the premium seems worth it. We are staying at the chalet for 2 nights plus 2 day fishing. So, thats easy to add up. Throw in another RM100 for food and drinks and another few tens for petrol.

    I dont have the exact numbers but will be transparent.

  • pp389
    So sorry. Inbox was full. Blur me. Did not delete after reply. Not sure who have confirmed the last slot. So, it is still open.
  • goondu
    All the best for your trip 师父! :lookma:

    Tight lines!

  • pp389
    Boatman couldn't land it .....

  • pp389
    These we could ....

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