Lookin for 1 kaki for Dec08 Andaman Island Pop and Jig trip

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Hi all,

Currently looking for 1 more kaki for a Dec 2008 popping and jigging trip to Andaman Island at a very attractive price. We are looking at dates 5-13Dec (only 5 days leave required cos 8 Dec public holiday) or 12-20Dec (6 days leave). There will be 6 days of popping and jigging.

I will need to confirm the trip by next weekend. Interested parties pls contact me asap for more details @ 9855 5775. Thanks.
  • $1.50
    A pic of roughly how the Game Boat looks like

  • $1.50
    For this trip there will be substantial savings of at least S$1600 off the normal rates.

    On top of that, at this attractive price, we will be taking full flight and not budget airlines as there's an airfare promotion during the trip dates. Only 3 anglers are allowed on the boat by the captain, so comfort and safety level is ensured.

    If the above sounds good for you, contact me ASAP. Cheers.
  • $1.50
    Thanks for those who have expressed interest. The last slot has been taken by a nice kaki. Cheers :D
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