Urgent!! Rompin Sail Bashing 10/9 - 12/9

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Urgent!!! have 2 slots available for Rompin fishing...Itinery
1) Departure on 10th Sep 08 night and arrival at Rompin b4 midnight
2) 11th Sep Fishing 1 day from morning to evening...
3) 12th Sep Fishing 1 day from morning till evening....
4) 12th Sep After returning from fishing wash up pack up eat dinner and then go home...
Cost of Boat (Jangut's new boat) $1000 ringit per day so 2 day = $2000 ringit. 4 anglers share cost = $500 ringit per angler..
Accomodation per night (Jangut's house - Aircon with attached shower and cable TV) = $50 ringit per pax so 2 night = $100 ringit per angler.
So Total cost per angler for accomodation and boat (not inclusive of food, drinks and petrol for car) = $600 ringit.
Fuel / Petrol for car = equal sharing...
Food / OTOT or equal sharing...
Interested.... quickly call me at 98898278
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