To all Fishing Kakis......

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Urgently looking for 3 Kaki's for Night Off Shore Fishing this Saturday(230808).For more details can "PM" me. [-o<
  • crazyhighway
    Anyone...,3 spot is still available.If you don't have any xperience in Offshore Fishing,There's a senior Angler who will guide us through this trip.The main mission for this Trip is,Apart from getting large Fishes, To Gain xperience and Make new friends on this trip.Cheers!!! :chill:

  • crazyhighway
    Update of the trip:Left 2 spot for those who are planning to follow.Thanks Bro Utopia for being a Sporting Angler!! :smt023

  • crazyhighway
    2 Slots still available for the Trip.Thanks Bro Giga for your interest.

  • crazyhighway
    The 2 slot had been taken.Thanks Bro Arikeil for taking the last Slot :wave:

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