OT: Skeletal Remains Of Unknown Origin Found By Fishermen

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As reported in the M'sia New Straits Times today.

The skeletal remains of an animal found on the coast here has caused a stir among
villagers at Kampung Pengkalan Sungai Udang in Telok Gong. Fishermen looking for
worms for bait near Pulau Carey spotted the rotting carcass embedded in mud over a
week ago. Partial remains have been taken back to the village to-date.

Arbain Salleh, who found the remains, said it was not an animal he had ever seen before.
"I’ve been fishing in these waters for more than 20 years but I never came across
an animal like this," he said.

The 45-year-old fisherman said the animal could have been up to seven metres long, although
he only managed to bring back bones measuring up to 1.5m.
"The rest is still rotting in the mud, but I will bring it up gradually, so that it can be identified," he said.

Arbain said there was speculation among the villagers that the remains were of a saltwater
crocodile, but a pawang (medicine man) who specialised in catching crocodiles had
discounted that possibility. A fisheries officer from Port Klang called in by villagers could
not identify the animal neither.

"It’s like nothing I’ve seen before, but these are partial remains so I don’t want to speculate," he said.

The officer said an expert from the Fisheries Research Institute in Terengganu will examine
the recovered remains and DNA samples would be taken to be utilised in determining the creature.

    It look like a human skull with two eye "slots"..A mermaid maybe. :D
  • Jerrick Lim
    If it is a mermaid or merman.... the it sure hv one hell of a big head.
  • Kelvin Gerard
    Jerrick Lim" said:
    If it is a mermaid or merman.... the it sure hv one hell of a big head.
    Better known as 'Tua Tow' .... really nice with sambal :lol: :smt110
  • Chinook
    Whale? - John Hooi

    These are the skull and bones of a young gray whale on the grounds of the Native Alaskan
    Heritage Center in Anchorage, Alaska - Chinook

  • Ghani
    Probably a Dugong
  • nick
    Shovelnose with very big eyes!?? :shock:
  • slick
    All of u guys just hantam only... #-o ](*,)
    I think :-k :-k :-k its BeetleJuice lah ...hehehehehe
    :smt042 :smt043 :smt044

    Slick 8)
  • Chinook
    I think :-k :-k :-k its BeetleJuice lah ...hehehehehe - Slick

    Have you been smoking your stash of Maui Wowee again late at night? Hahaha... - Chinook
  • Icebomb
    hehe....chinook get back to work lah...hehehe...btw u celebrating cny back there?
  • Chinook
    Hehe....chinook get back to work lah...hehehe...btw u celebrating cny back there? - icebum

    Not really. CNY is just another ordinary day over here. I'll celebrate by going steelhead
    fishing this weekend in the river if it doesn't rain. - Chinook
  • ChrisSoh
    Ghani" said:
    Probably a Dugong
    I agree with Ghani, looks more like a Dugong to me.
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