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hi guys,im looking for fishing kakis to go fishing together..i stay in the east,any easterners interested to make friends? pls give me a msg.. very long nv fish liao becoz no kakis..-/
  • shadyfish
    lol i am staying in the east too....can jio and go together....
  • darensboiboi
    u looking for offshore on inshore fishing??
  • fishio360
    hi! l'm staying in the east too, but my off days are not fixed, n only take public transport. :oops:
  • apple
    i oso staying in the east.go jio me go fishing oso
  • hancheng_huang
    Hihi... me too... i also stay in the east.. at tampines...
    drop me a msg at 96827663 and maybe we can arrange?
  • Redshadow
    also staying in the east,,can organise one and we all staying in the east go fishing lor
  • tyrtok
    Im staying in the East too, what kind of fishing are u into?

    I don mind going for a trip together ^__^

    pm me
  • goondu
    tyrtok" said:
    Im staying in the East too, what kind of fishing are u into?

    I don mind going for a trip together ^__^

    pm me
    Wah, Tok. You got many kakis liao. Anyway, we going back to previous spot on 25th night till 26th noon. Wanna go? Sms/Call me ya?

    Tight lines!

  • Redshadow
    hey guys if you all waana go fishing together,,i do have my own transport,,can go together lor
  • EeGuowei
    yo i also eastsider. jio me along too. 90023946 Ben. Shore or Off shore , Trip also can. See Ya~
  • desleyhan
    i also ...PM me to jio me lor
  • leongzzzilla
    count me in too! i stay bedok.
  • fish bobm
    i also want..i stay at tampines....
    any kaki want to make friend n find a coner have a coffee n chat the fishing story...can contact or sms me 97423370 ah kent.
  • xiaoxi
    hey everybody..im andy here..care to add me in msn? xiaoandy84@hotmail.com..we can discuss there..=] cant wait to cast my rod...=D
  • xiaoxi
    can leave a msg oso=] thanks
  • heng77
    Me too....thks. :)
  • Redshadow
    why not all who wish to look for fishing update your location in your profile,,
    so it'llbe easier to get kaki's around the same area,,
    hope this helps,,
    my 2 cents
  • xiaoxi
    hey kakis..this weekend any fishing?
  • ernieliew75

    I'm newbie here. Need some advice where to get fishing accessories in West area. I'm staying in Bukit Batok area...

    Didn't really do a lot of fishing in Singapore cos most of the time in overseas... thus not really sure what are the things to look out for when fishing in local water...

    I'm on off this monday, and planned to do some casting either in upper Seletar reserivor or Jurong East Canal, any advise and kakis?

    Anyway, attached are some catch I got in the States. Cheers.

  • wawai anglers
    Hi bro.. u are looking for kakis to go fishing.. so how bout this coming fri any gd spot to attack..
  • wawai anglers
    Taman jurong shopping centre there is 1 tackle shop call REGAL TANG and u can get what ever thing u want there..
  • cxxxkies
    count me in bro's.. also staying in east side.. but sorry also taking public transpo.. can go from friday night til sunday.. :badgrin:
  • wawai anglers
    Feeling to fish today and looking fr watwat any kakis wanna join me but i hv no transport...
  • rayz
    can jio me?..... very new to fishing... :D
  • Boatman
    Me Too I live in East Coast Area. Jio me also!
  • dr_stupid
    serious ah? hmmm meet up for coffeee first b4 we start fishing together ba...
  • Redshadow
    dr_stupid" said:
    serious ah? hmmm meet up for coffeee first b4 we start fishing together ba...
    Kopi talk no problem,, you lead,,,
    start the ball rolling,
  • shadyfish
    hi all, i am tinking of going fishing on national day which is tml....anione interested? i am also with another kaki......both of us nt experts but kinda pick up the hobby again after years....add me @ lim_jer06@hotmail.com (msn) will be online in the nite arnd 11plus tonite....then can discuss go where and fish....

    cheers and lets keep this fishing spirit alive! :)
  • Derwin
    I'm also fishing tml! Highest tide at around 4pm in the afternoon so would be going at ard 1pm at Penjuru Beach area, near west coast. My friend caught several groupers with lure before although i nv seems to have any luck. I see people catching queenfishes with tamban hook too! Ard 1 and a half of my palm size!
  • Seagal
    :D Hello, Me east side oso.. hehe..

    If have changi offshore fishing trip, do let me knw. Thq. Never fish for sometime.
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