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hi all i want to organies one trip to tioman but the nos of pax must be right den will go...
transport,food for 3meals and ferry is provided and 2pax per room
date will be 6july-9july sunday -wednesday and each pax is about sg$220-$240

fishing will be on light tackle for day (confirm sure got fish)
rod must can hold weight nos4-6
fishing at night is option tackle higher as got big stingy ray...
will go snokerling if all wan to go if not will go out to fishing again...

please pm me ur name and contact nos so i can arrange for u and will update if going must at least 10pax den will go if not cancel
closing date is 2nd of july


  • frank7
    you have a pic of the boat for 10 anglers?

    transport provided from sg? enough for 10 icebox?

    i presume fishing only Mon and Tues?

  • cupid
    hi frank the boat is those use for changi fishing abit bigger as for ice all the fish will be frost once we reach land transport will be from sg.....
  • cupid
    this is the boat...

  • cupid
    hi all sorry the date is 21-24 as some kaki pm too rush...
    currently got me and 3kaki need 6 more....
  • cupid
    if not will cancel the trip...
  • cupid
    Moderator please close trip cancel.....
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