jerky drag on daiwa alphas

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I know the daiwa alphas drag washers are suppose to be operated dry. Is there anyway to save them after they have been contaminated by oil and grease? Is there a way to clean out the oil and grease thoroughly so that I can save the original drag washers instead of having to change them out to a new set? Is there any other after-market drag washers (eg. Smoothies, HT100) that would be suitable? The original daiwa ones are a pain to obtain.

Thanks for any help in advance.

  • Anonymous
    First you clean the drag washer with cloth or paper tower. Soak it in the lighter fluid, not too long, enough to clear the oil will do. Dry the drag with cloth or paper tower, leave it there for further drying or you can use hair dryer to speed up the process. I think that should do it.
  • Piscator

    Thanks for your reply. Doesn't the lighter fluid leave an oily residue behind? I have tried one of those degreasers but unfortunately it leaves some oily residue behind. I am going to this length cos its is difficult to get suitable replacements. The HT100 (my first choice) washers are too thick. The Smoothies I couldn't find the right size yet.
  • Anonymous
    The lighter fluid should be ok, as it is more like a spirit and it will evaporates. There will be some residues left behind, but not as bad as oil. The other option is thinner, but I'm not sure about your drag material; synthetic or leather. So use it at your own risk.

    For off the shelf drag replacement sometime you have to DIY a little or modify to make it fitting to your reel.
  • Piscator
    Roger that....then its probaby similar to the degreaser I have been using....was worried about the thinner as well...thats why held back on using it....will get hold of a nice set of replacement drags before trying that....just it case it screws up i still have a reel to use....hahhaa....thanks for your reply dude
  • abfackeln
    Use Jif, rub a little on you finger and massage on drags, then wash with water and pad dry, no residues.
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