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Posting on behalf of speedway (Pat) cos' his PC is out of order.

Well for me personally - it's a warm-up for the Trikora trip that's coming up soon. Decided to join some of my old kakis (just 3 of us) for a short 6.5 hr trip. The only die-hard handline fisho was Fred.

Departed from Pandan Loop at 9 am, with skipper Ah Leng. My first time with this skipper.

The day started off really well with Pat and myself landing the first 2 groupers at the 1st spot (9.40 am).

Well will keep this CR short, all in all it was quite a productive day. Although you have to really look after your rods - drift fishing covers more ground. Skipper was really hardworking changing spots frequently as soon as bite rate stopped.

I personally landed 4 groupers and 3 small ones below 500 gms were released.

The total haul for the 3 of us:-

Grouper : 7 pcs ranging from 600 gm to 2.0 kg by Pat & myself
Snapper (Ang Cho) : 5 pcs - 400 gms to 1.0 kg by Fred and Pat
'Timun' : 3 pcs - 500 gms to 1.0 kg by Pat and skipper
Sweetlip (Kaci) : 1.5 kg by Fred
Fingermark bream (ACK) : Quite a number, but released due to size
Last but not the least - Mr Arumugam : 5 pcs - all released. Damn they are everywhere!

My personal observation
The boat is basic - no toilet. And getting onto the boat is challenging too. Light gear recommended. Bring lots of sinkers!

Attached some pics, apologies for the resolution - taken by cellphone camera.


  • speedway
    one last pic ... heaviest one of the day

  • dtyr
    nice cr...
    care to share more info on the trip??
    lik the cost n etc.....

  • Kelvin Gerard
    dtyr" said:
    nice cr...
    care to share more info on the trip??
    lik the cost n etc.....

    It's pretty reasonable. $200 bucks (bait excluded). But like I said boat is basic and you have to park your vehicle quite a distance away.

    Bring your own drinks and food etc. There's only one ice box on the boat, so if you want cold drinks without the fishy smell, bring a small ice box.

    As for the contact - I don't have his number. Check with speedway.
  • frank7
    nice catch, no wonder I can't get the boat anymore, looks like everyweek also book by someone here :)
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