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FishingKaki.com is the largest fishing community conglomerate dedicated to catering to anglers worldwide. What initially began as a hobby website in 1997 has since evolved into the largest internet-based messaging boards for anglers in the ASEAN region and beyond.

The messaging board grew into an organized forum with circa half a million members currently from all over the world.

The introduction of the online classifieds in 2011 provided a stable platform for anglers to trade their pre-loved fishing equipment.

FishingKaki translates to “Fishing Buddy”. The word “Kaki” means “leg” in Malay language and is spoken in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia; but as a slang, it means “buddy” or “companion”, as legs tend to be a pair or viewed as two. One could even say someone is your holiday kaki which says that person is your travel partner.

The site and all its properties are well known around the world as a source of discussion, with a focus in the area of Buying and Selling tackle.

When viewed as a Marketing Channel, it is important to look at FishingKaki as a sum of all its parts.

With an ever increasing demand for reliable fishing services, FishingKaki is endeavouring to provide our members with a one-stop fishing portal encompassing product sales and charter services worldwide in addition to the well established Forum and Classifieds.

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