GT caught!!!

edited November 2006 in Catch Reports
GT-gain todak :twisted: :roll: :twisted:

fished one whole freaking night with dadi87 and fisher_90 who left me braving huge swells when the tide turn to go to sleep!! :evil:
very quiet for the whole night.. i lost a barracuda on chugbug while dadi87 lost a queenie on mag popper.. after that a few small pecks only.. damn sian..
when the tide started moving this morning, finally, lotsa action!!! wham!! strike!! throw hook!! WHAM!! THROW HOOK AGAIN?! stupid todak.. took out my zara spook which is happily fitted with 03 x size 4 owner stingers.. :twisted: den managed to land one 2kg... lost at least 7-8 hits.. damn...

G.loomis Slate 12-20lb
Calcutta Conquest 101
Heddon Zara Spook

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