CR : Rico II @ SCS

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Followed by previous enjoyable trips, a group 8kakis from Sincere gathered with my two personal friends and went out with John on the 23-25 Oct.

23/10/2006 :

Day started with a gathering at Sincere as early as 8am!!! even though my instruction was to gather at +/- 10am. I guessed this is a result of lacking in some serious fishing activities since Jul when almost the same group that went to Pemanggil. 6 was fully gathered by 9+am and waiting for our mini bus transport. At 10am sharp, when the bus arrived with our 2 remaining kakis, our bags & gears were swiftly loaded onto it with some last minute purchases going on. We move off to MCC at 10.20pm after packing our chicken rice lunch. The last peson arrived on his own at about 11.20 :smt076 despite being informed by me to reach there early. K n n z....

John started the engine with 10hopeful anglers looking for another unforgetable trips to the blue waters of SCS .

Very soon, the calm and blue water around us started to have ripples and sign of wind are approaching. I looked up and a bad feeling engulfed me deep inside. With bite rates so fast & furious (perhaps with the atmospheric pressure effect), this unavoidable storm was going to spoilt this spot catches. Soon rain started to fall and bite rate completely stop even we use the better quality sotong. As the storm passed, John wanted to re-anchor and the dreaded thing happened!!!!

His anchor caught some things near the wreck. And his newly installed winch(anchor retrieving machine) was having a hard time retrieving the anchor. He tried moving the boat around to unlock the unknown object provide no results. With the winch working over-time and through his experience, he managed to catch a glimpse of the stuck object. With water clarity so perfect, all of us saw his anchor was badly entangled with a trawler net!!! :x :x :x :x . Still the winch was pulling hard and finally the anchor was brought up to his bow.

John spent about 30min hanging himself (macam Tom Cruise starring in MI) and cutting the nylon ropes. When everything was cleared from his anchor, he proceed to do what he intended to do initially (re-anchor). When he tried to drop the anchor from his wheel room, the winch doesn't respond. Turn on/off several times doesn't move the winch an inch :? Fianlly he narrowed down the problem. The hydraulic pump used to operate the winch was leaking oil. The shaft & the gear cannot work in unison :? :? :? .

With our trip started off brightly and in the middle of our 3D trip, we were left with a dilema
  • clementz
    nice catch :D
  • Old Man
    Wah lao...I should go man. Buay pai leh...Me nv get ack before. Nick ! Next trip jio me arh!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • fishpullipull
    Great CR Penn :smt023
  • s999andy
    My 3kg Ang chor

    Ah liang Jemulat

    Uncle Tan Jemulat

    Adrian 5kg Cobia

    Darren Ang Kuey, Ang Chor & Leng Chiam

    Hui Ang Kuey & 5.5kg Cobia

    Big Hard Tail

    Total fish

    Last pic
  • Icebomb
    Old Man" said:
    Wah lao...I should go man. Buay pai leh...Me nv get ack before. Nick ! Next trip jio me arh!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Walao me too leh! Oldman when bring me fishing? Me never kena ACK before also :oops:
  • Old Man
    icebomb" said:
    [quote="Old Man"]Wah lao...I should go man. Buay pai leh...Me nv get ack before. Nick ! Next trip jio me arh!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Walao me too leh! Oldman when bring me fishing? Me never kena ACK before also :oops:[/quote]

    Nov 16 i bring u mai ? bhahahaah!
  • Old Man
    Seahunters steady lah..... !!! =D> =D> =D>
  • vk
    NICE! detail writeout Penn!
    Consider a fruitfull trip although :arrow: hipcup on our way :? .

    Agreed with u, John is quite a good captain. 8) and the cook Mr Gu.. delicious meal. :P

    Thanks for organising and coordinating.. (Uncle Tan Too !) Thats include all the jolly good fellows onboard.. :roll: . :wink:

    Looking forward our next trip. :lol: :lol:
  • taeleen45
    more pictures

  • taeleen45
    more pictures

  • taeleen45
    Thanks team captain Nick for his good organising and planning for this trip. =D>

    Thanks Uncle Tan, S999andy and rest of the anglers for guidance as this was my first SCS trip. =D>

    The trip was well organised and planned. The boat was comfortable and handled by an experienced captain John. The boat assistant cum chef provided delicious meals and helped to de-hook the fishes that were caught.

    This is my unforgetable first SCS trip and looking forward for the next one. (Hope I am not ban for the next trip) :? :? :?

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Kaix
    Powerful thanks for sharing so many pixs :)
  • girl fishing
    this the great trip i ever have! =D> =D> =D> uncle john rock lah! :supz: nice boatman, teach me a lot of thing, thks uncle john! n the person jio me go this trip s999andy, vk and uncle tan lucky i follow u guy ah! if not lugi liao! :wink: the cobia great fight!! i think i cant forget abt it! i really enjoy the trip, nice spot, nice food n great company too! next time put me on the list again lah! penn :D :smt023
  • uncle
    Hi Nick, good trip and good write out. Understand his book for next year is out. I will be booking 4 trips with him for next year.

    The month of Oct to close season is the ang chor month. Sure kenna ang chor and it is a question of how big and how many. My favourite months for fishing.

  • dycs76
    nice catch...

    :D :) :D
  • orr-orr
    i dun dare to go fishing trip with u liao lar.... everytime i go sure got thing happen wan :(
    in the end every body got drag down by me :(
  • Ah_Lun
    nice trip can u tell me how to book or contact the owner if i want to book 4 a trip n the price.
    this boat seeem comfortable
    where to board
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