CR: Pasir Ris Pond fishing 8th Oct 06

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Received many SMS from Bro Warrior about his fishing heat ups ... 324#232324

Felt so itchy!! Also, Ah boy proposed to entertain the cousins on fishing. Cousins gal gals migrating to Oz land soon.
Why not. Applied urgent leave with Ah Boy to fish, authority: female old tiger... and surprised it was granted.
After family and church dinner, all proceeded to Pasir Ris Pond!! Quickly rushed to Ris Grandis to re arm weapons.
Had to fish only less than 3 hours, so better be well equipped!!

Inital plan:

Exori solid carbon III 5" 8lbs
Shimano Alivio 1000FA modified (2500 as back up)
Owner 1/0 hooks, dupont, small floats, etc
Pre-tied rigs with luminous beads (4 in a row)
Live prawns with good live well

But since kenna bullied by big fishes many time, changed to:

Shiamno Bassterra S65MH
Shimano Ultegra 4000 modified 2 more bearings + 20lbs line ( one more as standby)
Pre-tied rigs with 2/0 hooks 30lbs dupont luminous beads (4 in a row)
Live prawns with good live well National pump

Dont play play!! Heavy artillery better than M203!! My skill no good so bear with it.

Reached there 8pm. The gal gals had a great time looking at others prawning. We set up shop and chop a location.
All ready for action as others all other the other side of the pond.,

When 9pm hits, everyone moved to our spot. hey! No Good! Asked Ah boy to cast out near the turtles.
One uncle landed one Kim really quick. Bottom no floats. After that no actions.

I left for toilet and asked Ah Boy to man the rig.
I turned back many times, no fish. I quickly do and come out. Wah lah! Saw Ah boy fighting a fish !!
One big fat taiwan Ngor! Ah boy landed the fish within 8 minutes since we started !! fast!!

Well done. After that one Taiwan Ngor after another!!!! Total 3 whithin the first 1 hour. Not to mentiona a few lost fishes.

Most of the guys there did not land more than 2-3 fishes that night......

I took over the rod at 10pm from Ah Boy... a Kim took the bait :P , float sank, and good fight for about 3 minutes!! Finally landed it! Big fellow!!

Then Ah boy took over and kept getting one fishe after another.

  • warrior
    Hi Nimo

    Wah lau!! How come you You fell in the pond!! :shock: Thank God you live near the pond.

    And great looking catches. Its rocking again. Till we meet again!! :D :D

  • Nimo
    You know I always stand near the edge when I fight a fish... I was wearing slippers and not my usual fishing shoes...

    My jeans stinks and have to soak in detergent a few days. My white shirt is gone. Cannot remove the crap. I need to service my reel as it dropped into the salt water also.

    The pond is not shallow. So be careful. The manager came and check whether I was injured. Nothing lost. :lol:

    I drove home in underwear only. Lucky no police checks. My son had to get a towel for me before getting out of the car. He kept screaming 'molester! molester!' as I was walking home.
  • man_power
    Well done bro..nice fish, nice rod, and nice reel.
  • Nimo
    Hey bro

    Nice blogs on LURES!!

    Megabass Lures : V-FLAT (New 2006) .... where can we buy it?? Like to try it out !!
  • aro_craze
    how much do they charge per hr? only 1 rod can be used izzit?
  • Lonely Fisher
    but is it worth fishing at Pasir Ris fishing pond?
    cos besides hourly based charge, u still need to pay for the fish tat u me is a bit ridiculous lor....
  • Nimo
    Hi Bro

    Depends on how you look at it.

    Basically, you pay $50 for 3 hours fishing (they also give some grace time for packing etc). That's all you pay. Depending on skill/luck/others, you may get 11 fishes or 0 fish when the time is up.

    A usual figure is 4-5 fishes each if you using the correct method.
  • Lonely Fisher
    hi Nimo,

    u mean u don't have to pay $ for the fishes u get?
    (i never been PR Fishing pond b4...) cos i get info from some websites tat stated: x$ for xKG of fish....
  • Nimo
    Not true. Join us and fish... you can tag along... :D
  • cbchui
    HARLOW brother :) i am the brother beside you ,fishing with you. Thanks for teaching me tie the knots to my lure . It was fun. But ending i really stunt. When i wanna take my plier i Saw you backflip into the pond. I really shocked. :oops:
  • Nimo
    Ha ha!! I very clumsy one... I think I got one of your rubber fish the other night. I fished it out of the pond on my line... hee hee...
  • lockbag
    hey maybe i know who's that boy in the pic and what's his age?i am also in anderson primary school
  • Nimo
    Ha ha Primary 3.1 boy lah :D

    Are you teacher or student :shock:
  • lockbag
    i am a student haha,i am in 5.4........i thought that boy was at least pirmary 4.Nimo is that boy your son?i hope it is because now in school,in the cafe some green club(my cca too)people are selling things like candy floss,cola sweets and etc...the money we earn are going to be donated to the elephant hospital in thailand so you can ask that boy to either donated or buy the things(pls try to help the elephants) if you want to help the elephants that have stepped on landmine,the elephants are very poor thing :( .ahhhhhhh......i am waiting for a chance to go fishing with my father at bedok maybe then i can write my own catchreport.
  • Nimo
    That is all great work. Of course!! :D
  • lockbag
    Thanks!tomorrow is the last day of rising fund so pls if you wanna donate do it tomorrow!!! :P
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