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hi can anyone tell me how to choose a crankbait rod? is full graphite rod a good crankbait rod that can cast far? many thanks. 
  • Luke Maow Bear
    A Crankbait rod is most of the time a stiff rod bro, as such lures are mostly lipped to cover various depths, namely in Singapore we tend to classify them as Deep Divers. Stiffer rods allow the Crankbait to dive faster as the rod will not flex too much, allowing you to control the depth better - namely the bottom.

    Such lures have bigger than normal lips which require more to bring them down to depth from the rod, the less give the better from the rod.

    I personally use a Mars Somasi and Mars Kayu to use a Crankbait as an example.

    Casting is more dependent on the line used, reel and of course the angler. I tend to use 50lb mainline on all Crankbaiting I use as I only use Deep Divers for Groupers.

    I use a BC exclusively on Crankbaits as I can feel the bottom and have more control of what I am doing as with a BC the slack created by the bail arm can confuse the feel and give a less direct connection to the Crankbait; I.E. You are working the lip at the bottom, bouncing and dragging it slowly.  

    So to simply answer you question get a stiffer rod.

    Hope that helps.
  • tana
    hi Luke Meow Bear, thank you very much taking time to reply me. I have very little knowledge in fishing and I think i'm misunderstood a crankbait rod. 
    when I was fishing at Orto, I saw a guy doing cast and reel fishing and I can see that he can cast the line very far out with minimum effort. I wish to have this kind of fishing rod to use it and the reservoir. 
    can you recommend the correct fishing rod and reel to buy?
    also, will the gear ratio affect the casting distance?
    can you help me with the question below? Many thanks for your help. 
    For cast and reel fishing:
    1) type of rod to use:
    2) type of fishing line:
    3) type of spool with recommended gear ratio:
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