Yellowtail (Hiramasa) fishing in Japan


Tokyo, Japan

Yellowtail (Hiramasa) fishing 

Hello everyone,

This is just a trip report that I felt it deserve to be written and posted out for the benefit of the fishing community that have intention to fish in Tokyo,Japan. One of the few reason to fish in Japan can be Wife/ family is out shopping in Tokyo (my main reason), and the the fishes in Pacific Ocean are just to tempting.

First of all, this is not a paid advertisement. As for those who have wanting to go fishing, or had fished in Tokyo, basically have problem below; 

  1. Charter contact found and boatman understand English, however you have to charter the entire boat(higher price). Mainly in Tokyo Bay, targeting seabass- ranging 500gm-5kg)
  2. Contact found, but boatman have little or no understanding of English, therefore cannot confirm your trip slot(group pooling with the locals) (isumi-facing Pacific Ocean- different boatman have different target species)

For me, I had experienced both(source my contacts through friends, Google and trip advisor). Lucky for me, my Wife had found contact for this charter(山正丸; this charter holds world record for the biggest hiramasa caught), which boarding port will be at isumi,chiba japan; captain and his Wife understand English and allow group pooling.(contacts will be at the bottom of this post)

After liaising Toru san(head captain of 山正丸) and also Hana san(Wife of Toru san; holding world record of the biggest king fish caught on line and reel)(both are avid and experienced fisherman), I managed to booked a full day slot(20k yen) with them. Their reply is promptly and informative. As for your tackles, you have a choice of bringing your own or renting from them. 

Recommended tackles will be as followed;

For Jigging 

ROD : 5.7~6.8feet M~MH�REEL : SHIMANO 5000~8000  DAIWA 3500~4500

LINE : PE3 ~ PE4


JIG : 80g~150g�Assist Fook

Split ring & Solid ring


ROD : 7~8feet

REEL : SHIMANO 5000~14000  DAIWA 3500~ 5000

PE3 ~ PE5

NYLON SHOCK LEADER : 50lb ~  100lb

Floating Plug 30g~80g(130mm~190mm)

Split ring & Solid ring

Pardon me, but above recommended tackle advice is copied directly from the Toru san.(Stella/saltiga are mainly used (80% of all tackles present) during the charter)

For the journey, fromTokyo station to Ōhara station-keiyo line, it will take 1h and 7mins. Upon reaching, Toru san is kind enough to pick me up and we had dinner together with Hana san. Both of them are so kind and polite. On Top of that, after dinner they brought me to places to see swamp of fireflies and their local small dear(very cute).

Since I travelled their on a Friday night, I spent a night in their Guest house(3k yen). The guest house is very clean and neat, most importantly is spacious! After settling down into the guest house, both Toru san and Hana san is so helping in helping me setting up my setup. They extended their hospitality by showing me around and also offering me a fridge full of drinks and beers. 

As for the following day, pick up at 430am from guest house, after that, I was brought to the nearby convenience store for breakfast and drinks.Boarding will commence at 5am. There is actually 2 fishing sessions within a day; 5am -11am and 11.30am to 5pm. Boat will be back at dock at 11am -11.30am. Travelling Time to first spot is 20mins. So anglers will be given choices to take up either 1 of the session(12k yen per session) or full day (20k yen). Lunch will be provided at cost of 500-800yen.

The boat is spacious and have a max capacity of 30 anglers, however they only accept 10-15 anglers per session. The boat have a meeting room, a captain bridge, 1 toilet and 2 outdoor urinal(men only). They only allow artificial bait(jigs, pencils).

For my trip, there several huge bite on the boat, however the fishes manage to unhook themselves after tens of seconds into the fight. Both Toru san and Hana san are helpful and gave advice on board for the type of fishing at particular spot which counting in the wind and current factor. One point to take note is that only underhand casting is allowed on board, strictly no overhead casting; I totally agreed to that for the safety measurement. However, I didn’t landed any fish during the trip, but I enjoyed the overall experience.

After fishing, I showered and washed and clean up my setup over at the guest house. Toru san confirmed with me the train timing and even offered me hot refreshments and local snacks. Lastly, both Toru san and Hana san sent me to the train station and we plead our farewell from there.

Overall, I am very please and satisfied with my trip onboard 山正丸,thumb up for Toru san and Hana san. So do not hesitate and make it one of the options for fishing charter in japan. Looking forward for my next trip in japan again! Cheers!

  • mindstory
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Although no fish were landed during your day trip but nevertheless this is the very reason why I love fishing. it is the fun and excitement in finding out about a new fishing destination, making all the arrangement and making new friends along the way and finally the anticipation of going out to explore different waters and learning new techniques. Also not to mention having a taste of new delicious dishes unique to the locality. Appreciate your very informative and interesting trip report that will greatly benefit any of us who may have the chance to fish in Japan one day. have a great weekend bro and don’t forget to post again on your next fishing adventure away from home!
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Dude this is bloody excellent, thank you!
  • loki_fish
    Thanks for sharing man! Very well written and clear! 
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