Spinning Reel Size Recommendation

Hi guys, I was thinking about reel sizes and their applications and the lines started to blur. I reckon a lot of beginners would love to know this information as well - what spinning reel size for what application?

I'll try my best to categorize the different applications. Could use your help and experienced opinion on what size suits best though. Might not cover all bases but at least it would give a rough idea to newbies like me to gauge what size is best. Would also help newbies gauge rod rating by looking at the recommended reel size.

Saltwater Boat


Changi Bottom - 
Southern Island/Tuas Bottom - 
'Big Game' local Bottom - 
Horsburgh Bottom - 


SCS Bottom - 
Tg Pinang/Batam Bottom -
Rompin - 


Local Waters Jigging -
Regional Waters Jigging -
(Won't ask about popping)


PB luring
Toman luring

Thanks in advance!! Hope this helps with newbies as I'm sure it'll help me too.
  • SportAngler
    Here's my prefer setting
    Most of my spinning reel are 4000 Shimano size.
    I use them for everything Pond, local offshore for bottom fishing or jigging. Line15-20lbs will cover all general need.
    2500/C3000 will limit you to use for offshore bottom fishing. It hard to crank big sinker. But for luring and pond is good.
    For heavy bottom using Size 8 sinker or higher a overhead reel is a better way to do it.
    Personal do not like to use Spining size over 4k.

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