Seeking advice on rod type

Hi folks, 

I am planning to start kayak fishing from pasir ris imminently and am looking to buy a 6 to 7ft rod that is lightweight and suitable kayak fishing (my other rods are too long). 

Do you think a 6'6 spinning rod rated up to 17lb line and 18g casting (lure) weight would be too soft-action for bait fishing for good sized fish at depth, from a kayak? Do you guys tend to use proper boat rods for bait fishing from kayaks or are such spinning rods tough enough?

The main reason I want a light rod is that I also want to float fish close to land as well as lure fish.

In short, will a good, light spinning rod do everything I need from a kayak?

Thank you very much in advance for any responses. 

  • raishino
    Whats your budget?
  • Staphylococcus
    i use telescopic rod and 3pc travel rod for kayak fishing. Reel size 1000 only. Line 10lb braid. 

    In all honesty, the biggest fish I've caught on kayak is 2kg. So go for light gear. Kayak fishing style is different from boat fishing style. 

    Pasir Ris areas depth at most is 20m. Usually 10-15m. Once in a blue moon, might get a reel-screamer. In those cases, luck plays a big part on light gear.

    Good luck in your kayak fishing.
  • Michael Lim
    From a kayak, you need to keep some very important points in mind.  Keep the rod short for you to handle fishes close to the yak when you are landing the fish.  You'd not want a very long rod and hamper your landing unless you have a long net on hand.

    Also a light setup would suffice unless you are aiming other big targets.  Generally most would be able to get away with a light 10lb class setup.

    Also make sure your gear can handle a dunk as it may be a likely event.  If you are alone, figure out if you can clear tangles from the rod tip or tangles on your yak (i.e. the front carrying handle, the rudder, etc....)  It's always better to go in a pair at least.

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