Overhead casting rod recommendation

Hi all!

Will be heading to Rompin in a couple of weeks. Tracking down an overhead casting rod. Looking at budget of around 200~300. I'm comfortable using an OH setup, no real issues with bee hoon.
Looking for recommendation of a 7~8ft 2pc rod for casting pintails and the like. Been looking at some majorcraft and shimano rods.
Currently have 6ft jigging rod, bottom rod, but looking at some thing a bit longer for distance?
Versa pitch good enough?

Thanks a bunch!
  • bond
    Hi...may i knw wat OH reel u use for casting?

  • Freakinfart
    eh u using BC for casting for Rompin?? I think spinning better leh but if you really wan OH rod then i guess the Bone Voyage suffice for you.

    i have kakis using the XXH version 7feet for their sailfish and mack trip in pekan and rompin.

    alternatively i think one of best will be Kaiser Brute Tactics.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Spinning is better for this application, unless you have an HG BC as speed is an important thing here when retrieving.

    Not to go against your decision as I can understand fishing is about fun; I'd check with Lure Haven, go see Leslie, Dave, Justin or Yunwei and they can better advise you; however stick your BC decision if you strongly feel that is how you want to fish - just be prepared for them to advise spinning as some of us here are advising; including me.

    Minimum of 7ft.
  • Freakinfart
    Also the recently release Feed SaltworX you can consider as well.. 73MH. Find out more from LH
  • chronology
    @Freakinfart @"Luke Maow Bear" 
    That's what I've been hearing thus far. Is there any particular reason spinning over OH? Ease of use ? No need to worry about wind causing backlash?

    I currently have a Tranx301HG 100cm/turn retrieve, would that be fast enough? It doubles as my jigging / bottom reel. Gotten comfortable tossing short distances. Not quite the same kettle of fish as launching a pintail, granted.

    Would be great if it could triple duty as a caster too. Trying to avoid getting more reels. Haha.

    Will have a look at the Brute Tactics and Feed SaltworX. Appreciate the input and thanks again! Always great to learn more from experienced fishos :)

  • monstrad

    basically u r looking for a swimbait rod

    for your budget u can look at the new shimano panzar UD 7feet2, max70 g, pe 2-5

  • sharkbait
    I personally owned a Kaiser brute tactics. I been using it for offshore light popping/casting, pintail casting, heavy fishing. Basically it followed me to various big trips before. Landed GTs (below 10), red bass and ORTO big CPC.

    I strongly recommend this rod. You definitely need all the brutes. Absolutely Abuseable.
  • SportAngler
    edited April 2018
    I am using the Kaiser light cast.
    Below is the biggest i got on that rod.
  • Freakinfart
    kaiser brute or light cast wont go wrong !
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