What saltwater rod should i get?

Hi guys first post here hoping some of you might help. I'm currently using a ugly stik gx2 medium for freshwater thinking i should get another rod for saltwater maybe do some fishing at the jetty or off a boat maybe any recommendations for a new spinning rod? Or should i just stay with the gx2
  • nuvole
    Your ugly stik is enough to handle anything around our local jetty lah.
  • Fishing101
    Go for Shimano JIgwrex for bottom fishing :)

  • Luke Maow Bear
    Hey there,

    Saltwater has a few disciplines; you have sighted "Jetty Fishing" and "Boat Fishing" (Bottom) as your choices.

    Jetty Fishing
    If you want to cast with a small jig at 18 Grams or 30 Grams get a 8.6ft Shore Cast Rod, you can also bait with it using smaller weights.

    Boat Fishing
    You need a heavy bottom rod for this if you are going to go bottom fishing, there is Tenya fishing as well now where they use a less stiff rod from a boat.

    It's super hard to tell you what rod to get exactly as you will need to know what you want to do.

  • Jensen_ghw
    Thanks for the suggestions
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