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Luke Maow Bear
edited August 2014 in Luring & Artificial
Zerek announced the June arrival if their Zerek Live Flash Minnow, I categorise this type of lure under Minnow/Shad (Soft Plastic) and it has a reflective piece inside of the body.

The reflective piece plays 2 roles, one is of course to create that flashy-fish feel when working it and the other which is not noticed right away is, sound. The little piece creates what can only describe as a metalic paper crunching tin foil grumbly sound and attracts fish as it's being retrieved.

The lure appears to come with a weedless hook, I tend to use a 1/2 oz or so jighead if I am fishing in open water or at a pond. However, that does not mean I would not use a weedless jighead.

Top Tip: Sometimes weedless hooks can be thick for this type of lure, by changing to thinner gauge for small game the hook will pop up faster and improve your hook up results.

It's a darting action lure, so any sort of flicking the rod tip creates a left to right frenzy of movement.

And don't be fooled, you can also straight crank this soft plastic, it's little or no presence of a paddle on the tail does not mean it is not micro-wiggling, it is and the number of fish I have caught from a straight crank of something that not appear to have any action made me a believer that on a micro scale the tail is moving.

"*micro wiggling*", sounds like a new type of fishing!

  • Get Jigheads[/*]
  • Get Weedless Jigheads[/*]
  • Tie a Loop Knot[/*]
  • Let it sink to the desired depth[/*]
  • Zachary
    Hi which tackle shops are carrying this?
  • Surecatch World
    Hi Zachary, It should be available for sale in June. We will advise you again. Meanwhile, like Zerek FB page for updates!
  • Luke Maow Bear
    While fish such as trevally are better known as bottom feeders preferring crabs, prawns and shrimp, every now and again they will wallop a baitfish pattern.

    These new Zerek Flash Minnows are so good that normally baitfish profile shy species such as trevally will take them with gusto.

    This adds more confidence to your lure selection, knowing that as wide a range of species as possible will take them.
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  • Luke Maow Bear
    Flash Minnow on Sale now at Catchbay

    [highlight=#ffffff]Scroll to the top to find out more[/highlight]

  • ming yang
    I caught my first peacock bass on this lure very lifelike and the tail move when it sinks
  • FishingKaki.com

    Watch the action-packed fishing session with Luke Maow Bear at the I.W.F C&R Pond with the new Zerek Live Flash Minnow. He goes into detail on how he prefers to set them up and more.

    FishingKaki.com - Zerek Live Flash Minnow @ I.W.F C&R Pond - YouTube
  • Hedonist
    i love how that red just banged the minnow the moment u lowered it in the water ! :p
  • wanrong
    Hi, just bought a 5g version live flash minnow.

    May i know what size of a worm hook or the "nail bomb" shld i be looking at? If i need a replacement hook.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    wanrong" said:
    Hi, just bought a 5g version live flash minnow.

    May i know what size of a worm hook or the "nail bomb" shld i be looking at? If i need a replacement hook.

    Use a Size 3 or 4. 1/16oz is possible.
  • Dino22
    Hi guys,

    I'm planning to get the 5g (90mm) version of the zerek flash minnow and intend to rig it weedless with a wide gap worm hooks. Anyone have any idea which size of mustad ultra point wide gap hooks should I pair it with so as to ensure a proper hook up? Saw that Luke mentioned either a size 3 or 4 for the nailbomb jigheads... Thanks in advance!

  • Luke Maow Bear
    Off the top of my head I can't be sure. What I nornally do when I am not sure is buy the soft plastic and then take the hooks I want to buy and line them up to see if they fit.
  • Devilzken
    U need to buy offset hook for this cos the middle is hollow and normal jighead will crumple the flash when inserted
  • monstrad

    for 90mm I use size 1 weedless hook

    size 1/0 the hook will be outside the slit/hole

    of course this depends on hook brand, different brand their size don't tally

    best is to bring your hook there to size up

    most of the time I use jighead, only in snaggy area then I use jika rig with weedless hook

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