Looking for recommendation buying a rod

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Hi, i am looking for any recommendations of rods that fit the following specification.

- Moderate Action
- Max 20 lbs line
- 7ft to 9ft
- Usually would be use for shore baiting (be able to cast a decent distance)
- Price range below $100

Do recommend if you know of any rods that fits the specifications.

  • Freakinfart
    edited June 2017
    For that price.. a bit hard.

    - Ofmer Majorstick buttjoin 7"
    - Okuma Nemesis 7"

  • shfvietnam
    With this budget, get Shimano Salty Advance Shore Jigging
    Line: PE#1 to PE#3
    Plug max: 60g
    Jig Max: 80g
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