Long Term Test — Salt-X and Quicksilver 2-4-C Marine Grease


Some people believe that washing with tap water after a day out at sea is sufficient maintenance. Others say that tap water contains Chlorine, an even more corrosive salt than sea water, so it’s better to not wash with tap water if you are gonna use it every week. For me, I do not enjoy shopping. So I’ll try my darnedest to keep all my gear lasting as long as I can. Salt-X may be an additional expense, but if it can keep corrosion away, it’s worth the extra effort and expense.

Here’s a quick note on the effectiveness of Salt-X and Quicksilver 2-4-C Marine grease when used in combination to prevent rust and corrosion.

  • Luke Maow Bear
    My Stella anti reverse died because I let salt water in. 
  • Blackmarlin
    Buy a new anti reverse ball bearing n replace it
  • LLCC
    My Stella anti reverse died because I let salt water in. 
    But you must never use any form of grease in the antireverse. Doing so will allow it to fail and hurt your hands when a strong enough fish pulls.
  • Rainbowfish
    Anywhere locally selling this salt X? Only find salt away locally ....
  • LLCC
    Check with Lure Haven's Dave. They used to sell the premixed version. Also, on this forum, I remember a chap by the name of Suzigo who was selling the concentrate.


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