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Good to see the rise of another fishing category in FK. Hoped this will open up more opportunities to benefit the entire fishing industry.
  • MrCrabbs
    just ordered some yamashita, and egixile 4x4 jigs! :D
  • Strider
    great. i have got good results (sometimes lok jiat) on yamashitas and daiwas (and the cloths last so far) in rompin. bright colours. normally get green eyes.

    my kaki has good results on rockets on green. :cry:
  • xian1989
    Hi bros out there. Any rod below $200 to recommend?
  • CalebG
    Thanks Edmund, we are and will continue to keep up and cater for the latest trends in fishing. We hope you guys enjoy this forum! :)
  • Markosan
    Yeah!! Actually, there are more games then eging...havent include others yet...

    tight lines!!!
  • Markosan
    xian1989" said:
    Hi bros out there. Any rod below $200 to recommend?
    Solpara and crostage from majorcraft... u can check out for this 2 models... cheap and good!!
  • selinanell
    But there's always a next time, hope that the next trip will be better. If anything, i am just pleased when i get a day out, enjoy the breeze, the freedom and respite from the urban jungle. Any catch, is just a bonus . . .. .
  • Snacksbazzar
    Very Impressive to see the new kind fishing technique. Thank you very much.
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