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Hi all, any of you have any idea wat is the max drag for Penn 16s, Penn 12LT, 320GTI, 5500SS, 7500SS, 9500SS, Navi 8000 Shimano PG, Shimano Calcutta 400 Shimano, Shimano Biomaster8000, Daiwa Saltiga (spin), Daiwa Saltiga (multiplier) and lastly accurate 665HN.. The specification section cant answer, anyone can help? Search the net but nothing much.
    load lines up these reels, then put on the rod you are going to use with these reels and measure with a quality scale.

    ask someone to help, do not attempt to perform the above singlehanded

    specifications are just specifications,
    actual conditions of your reels are specific.
  • CarribeanPirate
    Did that but I am only limited to 5Kg. Lol. Not enough weight to add to it.
    use a measuring scale, not dumbbells :)
  • CarribeanPirate
    Dont have measuring scale at home. Haiz, give up. Hope some1 got the answer here.
  • goldfish
    you can use those cheap weighing scale, should cost you under 10. The one i am using got up to 20+kg.
  • CarribeanPirate
    Hmm too troublesome have to spend $ somemore just to find out. Haiz. Tks anyway.
  • Allen
    CarribeanPirate" said:
    Hmm too troublesome have to spend $ somemore just to find out. Haiz. Tks anyway.
    All the spec given in the box is when it is new... goldfish is right you should use a scale.
    U can borrow one from the tackle shop if you know them well....
    I have one up to 10kg if u need, I can meet u in beach road lunch time.
  • CarribeanPirate
    Kk. Tks. I will find time to go after school stuff. Really tks for helping.
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