Tackle Shops at Johor Bahru

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Would like to ask the address of the Johor Bahru tackle shops, aiming to get some equipment especially boat rod before proceeding northwards?
  • weiyee
    i know 2 shops across lah
  • BassKohai
    Bro.. when u intendin to go?? After exams or on the way to rompin?? I also wanna go leh.. let me know when yah..

    Anyway this is a list

    Fisherman(shimano sign board)
    Location: Opposite Plaza Pelangi shoplot

    FishingLine(Biggest Tackle Shop in JB)
    Location: Permas Jaya new town

    Location: Permas Jaya new town

    Blue Water
    Location: at Pelangi some way near Leisure mall

    There is a tackle shop there but quite hard to find(Unknown Name).
    Location: Tmn Daya

    1 tackle shop(Unknown Name).
    Location: Ulu Tiram
    At the traffic light, turn left and the shop is on your right hand side.

    Location: Taman Johor Jaya

    Season Trading
    Location: Taman Johor Jaya

    Joran Bagus
    Location: Taman Johor Jaya

    Nv been to these places myself.. got this list of tackle shops from a M'sian forum.. Hope these helps..
  • T-Rex
    I have been to the tackle shop in Permas Jaya, but dont remember seeing 2 tackle shops there. I think the name of the shop is TCE. Boss is a friendly and very patient dude, can converse in Malay, chinese and english.
  • humphrey1983
    Hey bros:
    here are some of the tackle shop i went to and got their cards
    Details are as follows:

    1.Fong Yuan fishing tackle
    16,Jalan Pinang 23,Taman Daya,81100 Johor Bahru
    Tel: 07-3532184 Mr Lim Ching Chuan
    Closes at 6 pm

    2.Fishing Line Tackle and Trading
    No 36 Jalan Permas Jaya 10/5 Bandar Baru Permas Jaya
    81750 Johor Bahru, Johor
    Tel: 07-3861500 Mr Caven Siah
    Opens: 11am to 10 pm
    Off on mondays

    3.Fisherman Sport Fishing and Trading
    74, Jalan Harimau Tarum, Taman Century Garden
    80250 Johor Bahru,Johor
    Tel: 07-3354800 Mr William Chong
    Mon to Sat from 10am to 8 pm
    Sun: 10am to 6 pm

    Eden garden shopping centre(duty free) has a fishing section in it too.
    carries maguro and malaysian brands. not a huge section though.
    At the 3 or 4th floor.


    P.s: their fishing lines and terminal tackle are not that much cheaper. lures maybe slightly cheaper which will be offset by the transport cost.
    rods and reels are about the same price here...can bargain a little though.
  • Spin&Cast
    Just get locally. The brands in JB is quite unheard of... and not that cheap afterall even with the benefits from exchange rates...
  • humphrey1983
    Well thats quite true la...but some stuff can try lor i guess. just that have to be cautious when you buy stuff...must triple check cos there is no way you are going back to exchange the spoilt equipment. not worth the effort.
  • hellgeese
    Thanks guys, i may juz browse first b4 commiting into purchase, cheers :D
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