Narrow Spool Reels

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Wanna try Narrow Spool Reels. Any recommendations?
Any comments/specs like B-665HN Accurate and Daiwa Saltiga (dont know the model number)? I know Accurate one is lever drag but dont know the spec and line capacity and speed. Daiwa Saltiga looks like star drag to me, not very sure leh. Any1 can help with the respective specs? Or other recommendation of good narrow types with good drag and line capacity. Thank u
  • physlo2

    Narrow spool reels you mentioned above are more suited for jigging but can also be used for bottom fishing as well. Accurate 665N will hold slightly more than 500m of 65lbs Power Pro. And as for Daiwa Z40, if i'm not mistaken, can accomodate more than 400m of 50lbs Power Pro. For more info, post your queries on the jigging or bottom fishing section.

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