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Caught by a hardcore bluewater angler recently in South America. My Dream fish!!!!! It was released. Good job!!!

  • Ah Gu
    Wow!! Woah!!!

    Whats the estimate of this one?? 200-250kg range?
  • Makaira
    Ah Gu" said:
    Whats the estimate of this one?? 200-250kg range?
    Not sure of the exact weight, but I figure it is at least a 300kg plus to 400kg specimen.
  • Ah Gu
    wonder how the boat and the tackles look like..... amazing.
  • Makaira
    Just as a reference, this one was taped out at 452lbs (lying on the cockpit) caught in the Similans a few years back on the Reel Hooker in Phuket by my buddy. The other one weighed in at 292lbs (jumping) caught by yours truly at Racha Noi off Phuket also on Reel Hooker two month prior to the 452 pounder. The South American fish looks considerably bigger :shock:

    Both the Phuket fish were caught on the same reel, a 1st generation Accurate 30 two speed on 30# mono. For the 452, the line used was IGFA Momoi 30 & the other one was on Sufix Synergy 30 which probably overtests at more than 30#. Rod used was a custom Calstar Baby Boomer & the lures were a medium Melton Cherry jet & a mini Black Bart 1656. The smaller fish took me 4 hours 45 minutes to subdue while my buddy brought his to the boat in under an hour!! Go figure??? Great memories!!!!

    The smaller fish could not be revived. The other one was taken because it was a Phuket record at that time. No flamings please.

  • Makaira
    Ah Gu" said:
    wonder how the boat and the tackles look like..... amazing.
    I believe the boat was a classic Bertram 35. Reel used was a Tiagra 80 loaded with I think 130# mono topshot matched with the proper chair rod. Drag at strike was 24# (only) :wink: Of course, with an agile boat & expert handling, that is more than enough drag :D
  • Ragman
    This one is at least 800pd, catch by your old captain ?? If so we better get some tips and get over there.

  • snapper
    Wow!! Someday for me perhaps....looks like a grander man :shock:
  • Kelvin Gerard
    I've got two words guys to sum this up .... Hell yeah! :D Good job!
  • dafrogman

    She don't look quite at the grander size, but 400kg would be feasible I reckon, look at the girth on that girl, dang that is one sweeeeeet fish. Which part of S.America, Venezuela?.

    You took 4 hours plus on a 300 pounder, running an Accurate 30?. What drag were you running on that setup...12-15lbs at Strike?. Nice catch, are those kind of fish still hanging around Phuket?.

    So Ahem, when are you and ragman heading down to S.America.... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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