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hi i just recently got a shimano nexave. However, when i cast with some strength to get the distance, the bail seems to trip very often. i have watched a vid on utube and it says the bail on the nexave trips esp so when casting a heavy load.

shld i upgrade the bail spring? if so where can i have it upgraded? or are there btr solutions?

also, even though there arent any damages on the rod guide and no fish has ran to any obstacle, the line on my shimano nexave constantly gets frayed. im not sure but seems like the fraying happens when i retrieve. 

is it possible that the line isnt in line with the roller on the reel hence it gets frayed? 

i plan on switching frm 10lb to 6lb and im afraid that the line will get more prone to abrasions cos of this.

shld i just send the reel back to shimano? 

rly noob here wld be rly grateful fr some help and tips
  • billyyyyy
    also i have a reel that the spool clicker broke. i checked with changi pro tackle and i think they fix it fr $5-$10. wld they be able to fix it on the spot? thanks
  • ayeo42300
    What you have is a CRACKED Ring guide. What is causing the frayed line is this cracked ceramic ring guide that is fraying your line everytime to cast and retreive your line bacvk. Go check your line guide closely. replace that line guide once you have identified the damgaed line guide. hope this has been helpful to you.
  • billyyyyy
    thanks alot! there are no cracks on my rod guides though.
  • Michael Lim
    edited May 6
    billyyyyy said:
    thanks alot! there are no cracks on my rod guides though.
    ​Check by running a stocking thru the guides.  It will catch if there is a crack or damage.
  • billyyyyy
    ok will try. thankyou
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