Saltiga vs ocea jigger

Shadow Cat
Hi guys am still quite new to sw boat game so I would like to hear some advice from experienced anglers before coming to any concrete decision. After some research and recommendations kind of narrowed it down to these reels for local offshore(miiiigggghhhhhttttt go to Malaysia eg. Tanjung Pinang???) Intend to use mostly for bottom but might venture into other stuff like jigging when the time comes. Which would be the better choice in terms of performance and maintenance and what sizing would be best? So far from what I understand 1500 shimano/15 Daiwa is the standard size for local water. Pricing is not an issue cos want to invest in a proper reel that can last so no need to upgrade. Many thanks in advance. 
  • Michael Lim
    2 camps on each side.  Both will give you the low-downs on why each is better.

    I'll skip it and ask you to look for reviews on both camps and decide from there.
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