Looking for advice on 2 reels!

Hi fellow kakis..

I recently got hold of 2 BC reels. 

1. Shimano Stephano CI4+ 201
2. Shimano Caenan 150 

I have never used BC before and since gotten hold of them from an event. I was thinking of trying it out. Anybody used before these reels? Able to advise if they are suitable for light tackle or etc? 
Also able to advise how to know which rod could be a good pair with either one of these reels? 

Thank you and hope to gain some advice! 
  • LoneRider
    If this is your first experience with BC I suggest spooling with mono and practising with small lead weights. Mono is more forgiving and cheaper.

    I use Daiwa and have only used mag brakes but I'm sure any reel, properly adjusted to the lure and wind conditions would work just as well. 
  • GreyL

    I do agree if its your first BC fill it with mono if anything happens that you have to cut ur line to get birdnests out then it won't be that harsh on your wallet XD

    the caenan is just your normal centri brake reel just put the brakes a lil higher just to get use to how it feels once your confident enough you can slowly turn down the brakes a lil.
    Best way to learn i personally would recommend u go a relatively big body of water just cast it out look where ur lure is and stop the spool before it lands in the water , yes i know some people say " oh if you have the setting right you dont have it thumb it!" ye may be true but you dont get alot of distance that way. Once you get used to thumbing the spool you turn brakes even lower experiment around see what setting you like. Kinda comes down to personal taste some like to tighten their spool tension according to lure weight some like it as loose as possible its all up to you.

    PS doesnt the stephano not have any brakes? or am i wrong

  • mtjk
    Hi both! Thank you for the response. If the stephano doesnt have any brakes.. does it mean the lure weight to the reel size ratio have to be matched perfectly? Or else the line might just run out faster than it should ya? 
  • GreyL
    edited November 2019
    the brakes are there to help you manage the spool speed so that it doesnt spin faster than the rate of your line going out to prevent a birdnest which is basically a huge ball of line just tangled. 
    Line running out is a rare thing unless you are spooling really thick line and casting really heavy stuff like really really heavy stuff

    I'm not sure about the stephano tho to my knowledge it has no brakes of any kind cause it was developed for light jigging? i think? and it has rounded knobs instead of flat ones right? but then again i could be mistaken so dun take my word for it if my description doesnt match XD 

    If it really has no brakes i wouldn't bother trying to cast it unless u have some sort of magical touch or have alot of experience on casting BC
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