2018 Stella C5000XG durability in Saltwater Environment?

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I know the correct answer is that I should get the SW5000XG for saltwater, but that silver finish of the 2018 C5000XG looks rather attractive. smile   The C5000SG is also a bit cheaper than the SW5000XG.  Can any kaki that had used the 2018 C5000XG Stella in saltwater comment on their experience please?  Any problem with corrosion?  Can it stand up to an "accidental" hookup of a Sailfish?  My intended use is for Rompin/Sibu pintail casting for Tengirri, but Sailfish do eat pintails accidentally.... Also double up as a light tackle reel for small tuna and GT for Maldives and Indonesia.

How about comparison between the Steel C5000XG and a TwinPower SW5000SG?

Stella C5000XG : 
Stella SW5000XG : https://www.fishingfanatics.life/product/13-stella-sw-5000-xg/
Twinpower SW5000XG : https://www.fishingfanatics.life/product/15-twinpower-sw-5000-xg/

Thanks in advance!
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