Shimano Antares Ver 2 servicing, need help

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Hi, I was trying to take apart my Antares Ver2 to service the drag washer.  The reel drag is getting to be a bit jerky.  Taking apart the top front plate and handle was ok.  But I got stuck in removing the final screw to release the right side plate.  The screw is semi-hidden under the bottom front plate (see 2nd photo below).  Normal screw driver cannot get to it.  Is there a special Shimano tool that can do this?  Am I missing a step somewhere?  Any advise would be appreciated.  Thanks.

  • ShadowCaster
    Yes, found the hole, but unfortunately it's blocked by the left side plate! Any suggestions how to remove the left side plate?  Could not find any screw or c-clip to release the left side plate from the connecting bar.  Thanks!
  • ShadowCaster
    Finally found the c-clip(Micro!) to release the left side plate to access that screw.  Thanks!

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