Miri Jigging/popping 17-22 April 2019

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Miri jigging/popping trip with Jailbird Ivan. We won’t be staying onboard as it’s a day trips. Need 3more kakis. Fishing date will be 18,19,20,21.

$1250 including flight and homestay. 

Open season, will be the first group to go. Strictly catch and release. For more info please contact me @ 85227757

  • Michael Lim
    Kindly state full details with breakdown.
  • Md Latiff
    2019 I think?
  • oOQiangOo
    Thank u Latiff, edited
  • Md Latiff
    oOQiangOo said:
    Thank u Latiff, edited

  • Md Latiff
    Bro Qiang, can pm internary?
  • oOQiangOo
    Details and tackle preparation
    Strictly Catch & Release

    The water depth around the rig is abt 80-100m and we will be playing around 3 different rigs targeting different species like GT,dogtooth and sometime yellow fins and many other species around the rig depending on season... 

    Jigging set up at least pe3-6 and reel size at least 6000 to 8000 with 30 to 50lbs braided and 60 to 100lbs leader...

    For popping at least pe6 rod with 8000HG/XG reel with 120lbs to 150lbs leader...

    Casting lure (Pintail 40g~60g)
    Reel size at least 6000HG/XG with 30lbs braided and 60lbs leader

    Fast Jig weight at least 100g to 200g

    Slowfall weight at least 200g to 300g
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