SCS trip 20th Nov to 22th Nov with Seven Sea Conquress

Dear All Kaki,

I got a trip with Seven sea conquress Ricky on 20th Nov to 22th Nov.

currently got 5 pax and looking for another 5 pax or 6 pax for the trip to end the season.

Ricky is hardworking and always looking for new spot to shift to fish.

Boat cost 4400 for 10/11 pax .

the rest of the cost will be bait, drinks, tibits and tips.

please contact me at 8333 6754 Jermyn here if you wish to know more detail and keen to join in the trip.

Thank you and Good day to all
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    Hello everyone,

    till now we got 8 pax , looking to fill up 2-3 more for the trip.

    Still got 2-3 slot for the is trip

    please contact me at 8333 6754 to discuss more.

    Boat cost is 4400, other cost need to consider is how much bait we are buying and drinks and tips for the deckie hard work.

    Thank you
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    Dear Kaki,

    Thank you all the trip is filled and full.

    Good Day
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