Visiting Singapore...where to fish?

Hi, I will be visiting singapore for a few months starting in September.  I will be staying on the north end at Sembawang.  Where are some places I can fish?  Either close to Sembawang or anywhere else?  What type species are there to fish for and what kind of gear/ tackle do I need?  I'm used to fishing for snappers and grouper in Florida with live or cut bait, what type lures or bait would I use here?  Thank you.
  • Tucky
    I did some research and found the legal areas to fish.  The sembawang jetty is close so I will probably try some there and the reservoirs.  Can anyone tell me if any reservoirs near sembawang hold peacock bass?  I would like to catch and release.  Do peacock bass normally strike top water lures or crankbait lures or what?  
  • Tucky
    Thanks Limpeh.  If one has a kayak, is it legal to launch out and fish anywhere in the reservoirs? Or is it only allowed to fish designated areas on the edge?
  • Michael Lim
    Tucky said:
    Thanks Limpeh.  If one has a kayak, is it legal to launch out and fish anywhere in the reservoirs? Or is it only allowed to fish designated areas on the edge?
    ​Sadly, we can't fish on yaks in the reservoirs.
  • SportAngler
    Best option is go for an offshore trip to southern island area
  • botakchong
    If you have time & cash to spend.
    Day trip, DESARU
    You might like to try 2D1N Batam.
    Or 3D2N Tg Pinang, Rompin.

    There is many options, however Monsoon season between Dec-Mar, which you'll encounter rough sea with strong wind.

    Good luck, good catch
  • andrewho
    Hi Tucky,

    How's your stay in Sg so far and more importantly, how's the fishing? lol! I used to fish at Sembawang jetty but havent been there for a few years already. You can get lots of flower crabs from the jetty. On the left side there's a small hut, I have caught and seen people catching barramundis, snappers, groupers, diamond trevally, queenfish and flower crabs again. 

    More recently I've been fishing at the drain/river mouth at Simpang Kiri, about 1km to the right of Sembawang Jetty. Closest road in is called Jalan Mempurong. Most common catches there are barramundi, mullets and whitings. I have caught barramundi, barracuda, snapper and catfishes there and there was once I believe I lost a pretty big stingray because I wasn't patient enough and ended up snapping my line. But those were over the past few years. Only seen barramundi catches in recent months.

    For this location, if you are trying for barramundi, you can either use a float baited with live prawn, or use a rubber lure like the Zman Minnow. Personally I've caught using the float with live prawn method and using a hard body floating minnow. You can experiment with different gears because I have seen catches close to the beach as well as across the rivermouth, which varies from 50m - 60m wide depending on the tide. The float method requires you to cast far, across the channel to the opposite side. 

    Do note that it is illegal to fish on the opposite bank even though it is easy to wade across. People have been caught and taken away by the police before. There are also some people who believe that that place is haunted as well, but I have fished there alone at night and a few times way past midnight and only had one encounter, 2 policemen came and thought I was someone suspicious and requested to see my ID after their marine counterpart spotted me and informed the land police to check it out LOL no kidding!

    Closest tackle shop to get live prawns (and other baits, gears and whatnot) is at Yishun Block 744, in front of Yishun MRT. Name of the shop is Sincere Tackles. 

    Oh I have also seen people launching their yaks to fish from that beach too if you are interested in doing that. You can fish anyway that is saltwater legally, unless otherwise stated, mostly for trespassing.

    Nearest place to try for peacock bass, Lower Seletar Reservoir. Must fish at designated area and only artificial lures. You can still try fishing at illegal areas like the stretch along/under the MRT track which is quite popular, but at your own risk. Snakeheads are also common there. 

  • patricktan
    You can contact me if you need help. 86002702
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