Surf Rods

I be in Singapore soon.  Where can I go to purchase surf rods?  Thank in advance.
  • ayeosq
    what brand are you looking at?
  • Pierce123
    Any brand, a 4.5M 3 pcs 100-300g CW will be sufficient for me.  Any Continental Brand in Singapore?  I heard Beach Road is a good place to start.  Is there a particular shop I should visit?  Thanks in advance.
  • ayeosq
    Lure Haven, Kaiser and joe tackle are the popular ones
    if you want you can try soh tackle, pioneer tackle, TCE tackle or Sincere
    Joe tackle is a good place to start
  • Pierce123
    All these shops in Beach Road? Look like i got to walk a lot, thanks for the tips.
  • ayeosq
    first three are at bitch road, the rest are for more heartland area shop...
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