Shimano JDM compatible spool finder

Simple 2-step online tool to find compatible spools for Shimano Japanese Domestic Market spinning reels:
  • chisinfisherman
    is there any  for Diawa reels
  • rockit
    Sorry, I have none :( The only thing I do know (and it's about Real Four concept reels) is that Daiwa spools of the models produced prior 2010 year are compatible with the newer reels if you use an additional washer that usually is supplied with those newer ones... At least, I did find such washers in 12 Luvias and 13 Certate boxes that I used to hold in my hands
  • rockit
    Not bad news for Shimano JDM top-priced 18 Stella and 19 Vanquish spinning reels’ owners. Spools of coming soon 19 Stradic reels are fully compatible with above-mentioned lineups
  • Mick B
    Thank you for posting.

    The question of interchangeability of spools between different reels is forever being asked wherever anglers discuss reels. 

    For Daiwa -  Caldia 4000 spools and Caldia 3500 spools are interchangeable between 4000 and 3500 reel bodies with no washers, spacers, etc required for perfect line lay.
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